Gore Windstopper: Windproof & Breathable Clothing for Running


How can something be both windproof and breathable? Seems like a contradiction, right? Well, GORE WINDSTOPPER® is here to change your understanding of how it feels to wear something that’s weatherproof.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.44.29 PMWINDSTOPPER® products offer maximum breathability, and also increase moisture-transfer efficiency in order to prevent moisture from accumulating. These fabrics are constructed to prevent overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to escape. There are three layers that make this possible; an inner layer or lining, a WINDSTOPPER® membrane, and an outer layer with water resistant properties. The fabric is designed to allow the water vapor and heat trapped inside the fabric to escape, and yet not allow wind or water to penetrate through to your skin from the outside. Having this windproof, breathable fabric allows you to focus on your running experience without the distraction of being cold, damp or overheated.


WINDSTOPPER® products come in two flavors, or “classes”:

Active Shells – Lightweight and packable, these “windbreaker” style outer shell jackets provide windproof protection, water resistance, and breathability.

Soft Shells – Soft and comfortable as a midlayer or outer layer, these jackets provide water resistance, breathability, and windproof protection for a wide range of weather conditions.


We currently carry a range of GORE WINDSTOPPER apparel pieces for men, as well as the adidas Men’s Supernova Gore Windstopper Jacket and the adidas Women’s Supernova Gore Windstopper Jacket.

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