For Moms, By Moms: The Marathon Mom Running Collection

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These ladies know what’s up when it comes to being mothers who manage to juggle the daily challenges life throws at them with their passion for running. So it’s only natural for us to ask them what their favorite running products are. From nutrition, to apparel, to accessories, here are some of our very own Running Warehouse mother runners’ selections.

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Callie – Support is King Queen

Support is important when it comes to my running apparel. After a couple of kids, I look for a nice stretch and comfortable feel that doesn’t sacrfice style. I often finish my workouts and have to head straight to my next task, so having casual running apparel that looks like an everyday outfit is a must!

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Jenny – Safety First

I am one busy momma. I have to squeeze in my runs where I can, and that often means early in the morning or after the sun has set. I look for warm and highly reflective products to keep me safe and comfortable for the long miles ahead. I mildly overpronate and have found the Structure 20 to really fit my running shoe preferences. I wear the Forerunner 230 because I want something that is simple and easy to use for the sake of efficiency!

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Jasmine – Fashion Meets Function

I am all about fashionable and functional apparel on my runs. I look for soft, breathable, and supportive products that keep me looking stylish and feeling comfortable. I have enough to keep track of everyday, so I value simplicity, particularly when it comes to my watch. As for my shoes, I like a firmer feel without being weighed down, so I love the Breakthru 3 and the Freedom ISO.

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Drew – Flatter Me

When it comes to running, I want flattering pieces that provide support in all areas. I prefer modest products that can shadow as everyday apparel when I need to rush off on post-run errands (see ya at Target, Callie!). I value looking great in my gear, running errands or running miles!

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Tera – For the Long Haul

As a mother of young children and an ultra distance runner, my time is seriously limited. In order to get in my miles, work, and spend quality time with my kids, I have to wake up and run in the early hours before the sunrise. When looking for running apparel and gear, I look for warm and high visability gear that will keep me feeling safe and comfortable through the long miles.

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Rachel runs for fitness. It’s entirely about personal health and mental/emotional wellness for her. She’s one of those weirdos that finds proofreading to be thrilling. As manager and lead editor for the Running Warehouse Blog, THIS is her baby. She also recently started a graphic design business with her husband Ryan as a side hustle.

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