Do You Have a Running Bucket List?

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As a runner, you have goals. Dreams. Aspirations, even. We all do. Maybe you want to qualify for Boston, or run a PR in your next half. Maybe you want to find the dedication to stick to a run training plan and improve your health, or be an example for your kids. We can all use our goals and dreams to motivate us through training sessions from one day to the next.

Track athlete Nick Symmonds gave us a fresh way to look at running goals in an article he wrote for Flotrack: the running ‘bucket list’.

We think this is a creative way to remind yourself of your running goals and motivate yourself to get out the door and train every day. Near the beginning of his career, Nick crafted a bucket list for himself, jotting down the things he wanted to accomplish during his running career. He’s altered and tweaked his bucket list over the years, but continues to use it to push himself to new heights.

His article inspired us and made us think about our own running goals. What’s on your running bucket list?

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