Dan’s NYC Recap

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More than 50,000 runners ran the New York City Marathon this year, and one of our very own crossed the famed finish line in Central Park. Dan (Customer Service Representative) rocked the Big Apple, finishing in a swift 3:04:47.  We profiled Dan prior to the race, and upon his return to the office, we had a chance to check in with him and capture his thoughts after finishing.

Overall, how was the race? Did you meet your goals?
A: I was a little bummed out that I didn’t hit my goal of sub 3 hours, but I did finish the race with a Boston Qualifying time! Also, I got to check off the NYC Marathon on my World Major bucket list!

What was the biggest challenge?
A: The hardest part of the race was when all of my nutrition fell out of my pocket within the first mile, which made me realize that I probably wasn’t going to be able to obtain my goal. The race was handing out nutrition at mile 18, but at that point it was too late to recover.

What was the best part of the race?
A: Hands down the amount of fans throughout the entire course. Each borough had a different approach to cheering the runners on, which was awesome to see and experience.

Seeing the results of the race and after crossing the finish line, are you happy with your training? Do you feel like you were prepared?
A: I was happy with my training and somewhat happy with the result considering the situation. I definitely would have accomplished a better performance if my ‘wardrobe malfunction’ didn’t happen.

What did you learn, and if you were to run New York again, would you do anything differently?
A: If I were to do New York again, I would do it for a fun run, and not try to PR. The course was manageable for a PR, but I should’ve allowed myself to enjoy it more and get more connected with the crowd. NY has some great fans and really takes pride in that race.

We heard you were on The Today Show. Was the Big Apple everything you expected?
A: The Big Apple was an absolutely amazing place. There was so much to see/do that I wish I had more time to experience it all. Wicked was totally awesome! I definitely recommend that everyone check it out. Being interviewed for the Today Show was a great experience, but it was kind of awkward because I’m not one to talk about myself, so I got a nice chuckle out of it.

We heard you bought a new watch. Is there a story behind that?
A: So I run with a Garmin Forerunner 610, which just so happened to stop working the day before the race. I was at the expo and I came across the Garmin booth and they had the new Forerunner 620. I took one look at the watch and made the impulse buy! The purchase paid off…the Forerunner 620 worked perfectly in the race. Also, the RW peeps were jazzed to check it out when I got back to work, so it seemed like a win/win to me.

Any last thoughts for those just starting to get into marathon-ing and/or running in general?
A: If you have the ability to do the NYC Marathon as your first race, DO IT. The amount of encouragement and excitement created by the fans is definitely worth the price of admission.

See where Dan is off to next! Follow Dan on Twitter (@danherronrunns) or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DanHerronRuns.

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