Contest: Win a Free Pair of Drymax Hot Weather Mini Crew Socks

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Imagine your favorite pair of running socks. Do you remember the first time you wore them? Remember the way they felt within your shoe? It was as if your feet had become ensconced in that perfect glass slipper, with the accompanying insole, midsole, and outsole of course. And you remember the run, right? That first run? Oh, what joy! Your feet had never felt such a comforting embrace. Can you remember taking your shoes off afterwards? The socks were still socks instead of sodden clumps of fabric! Without a backward glance you waved goodbye to the cotton sleeves of your youth and made running specific socks your partners for life.

If you haven’t had this experience, fret not, for we are prepared to guide you to your glass slipper of socks without delay. To begin, there are many differences within the world of running specific socks, and knowing what each brand and model has to offer is key. Today we will highlight Drymax socks and the technologies that set them apart with a giveaway for free socks!
Drymax socks are constructed on the ideal of keeping feet dry in order to minimize blisters and maximize comfort. As such, each Drymax sock includes their Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System, which uses two different layers of fabric to minimize the amount of moisture on the skin. The inner layer of fabric is made up of hydrophobic Drymax terry loops that are neither positively nor negatively charged and therefore water repellent, while the outer layer is made up of a hydrophilic moisture wicking fabric that is both positively and negatively charged and therefore water absorbent. Because of this duality, sweat from the skin should be pulled through the inner layer of fabric and dispersed through the outer layer to keep the skin dry. Standard athletic socks are generally made using a single moisture wicking fabric that disperses sweat but holds water against the skin due to the lack of evaporation that takes place within a shoe. The Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System is designed to eliminate that problem.

Certain Drymax socks also incorporate PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fibers, which are advertised as having the lowest coefficient of friction of any fiber. As such, socks that incorporate PTFE limit the amount of friction generated while running, which in turn limits the amount of heat produced. As would follow, less heat leads to less sweat. Dry to the max!

When working in concert the two technologies outlined above help keep feet both dry and cool on hot days and thereby reduce the chances of hot spots and blisters. If those benefits sound appealing, one Drymax sock that is worth considering is the Hot Weather Running Mini Crew Sock, and, just in time for summer, we’ve got five free pairs of Drymax Hot Weather Running Mini Crew Socks to give away!

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In order to enter please submit your name, email address, and favorite sock length in the entry box below. The giveaway will be open until 11:59 A.M. PST on May 30th. Additionally, please note that each individual may only enter in the drawing once and that winners will be drawn at random.

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