Checking in with Salomon Athletes Stevie Kremer and Max King

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Happy Monday from Running Warehouse! Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Stevie Kremer and Max King, two very fun and very fast people, for a meet and greet with our local running community and a promo shoot in one of our favorite local running spots. While we didn’t sit down for a formal interview, we did get the chance to check-in briefly on where these two adventurers have been in the recent months and where they are headed next. The short answer: all over the place.

Both athletes recently returned from the Salomon Running Camp in Shangri-La, and yes, it was just as cool as it sounds. Despite some tricky travel getting to and from the locale, both runners spent an enjoyable week running and exploring in the mountains of China with the entirety of the Salomon International Running Team. In addition to the general fitness benefits of high altitude training, the camp also served to create a more cohesive feel amongst teammates who hail from countries all over the globe. For a competitive running team, that team bonding can be even more beneficial than the altitude. However, our main takeaway is that running in Shagri-La sounds incredible.

Where are they going next, you ask? Stevie, who prefers “shorter” races, i.e. a marathon or less, is currently scheduled to return to the border of Tibet and China for the Red Bull Female Summit Quest on May 20th before returning to California for the Broken Arrow Skyrace 26k in Squaw Valley, California on June 18th. After that she’ll be heading to France for the Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamonix on June 25th. Building off of his background as a Steeple Chaser, Max has enjoyed success at races of vastly varied distances and is spending the summer focusing on what he thinks of as “fun mountain races.” The next races on the schedule are the Smith Rock Ascent 15 mile race in Oregon on May 13th followed by the MaXi-Race 100k in Lake Annecy, France on May 27th. Quite the itineraries.

Hearing about summer plans like those it’s a little hard not to be a little jealous, but we wish both Stevie and Max the best of luck in all their races! It was great having them, and we hope that they enjoyed their time here. At the very least Max had the chance to live up to Salomon’s #timetoplay motto for a shot that was entirely his idea.

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