Apparel Spotlight: Saucony Women’s Daybreak Series

Daylight Savings Time came this past weekend, giving us all a slight sense of jet-lag. Morning runners lost the bright morning hours that they had started to become accustomed to, and evening runners gave a collective “wahoo!” as evening runs became lighter, warmer, and safer. Regardless of which time of day you prefer to run, one thing is for sure – Spring is coming. And it will be here this Sunday. Lighter, longer, warmer days are ahead, ladies, and we need to prepare accordingly!

Saucony is back at it for this Spring’s line of their Daybreak series of women’s running apparel. The Daybreak apparel collection has always brought unique, eye-catching looks to the table, and this Spring is no exception. These four gorgeous prints make their appearances on the Daybreak Tank, Daybreak Long Sleeve, and Daybreak Hat, too.


What makes Daybreak special?

Burnout pattern – The unique look of the burnout pattern provides a visually interesting texture and design while also adding enhanced breathability.

Soft hand – The buttery, silky, and smooth fabric provides you with excellent next-to-skin comfort and efficient moisture-management.

Vibrant colors – What could be more appropriate as we run into spring than some brightly colored pieces of running apparel? The color combinations are eye-catching and the print patterns are unique.

Versatility – Don’t let the chic design of these pieces fool you. Sure, pair the tank with your favorite cutoff jeans on your next beach day with the gals, but don’t forget that the Daybreak series stands up to your most demanding runs, too.

Feminine detailsA hat with a ponytail hole and a feminine fit, a tank with a twist in the back for added fashion, a long sleeve top with a female shape and thumbholes for comfort… Saucony wanted these pieces to shine for more reasons than just the bright colors.


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