Apparel Spotlight: Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Infinity

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Nike Women's Pro Hyperwarm Nordic InfinityDo you ever feel like you have to sacrifice fashion for function during the winter months? Uhh, no way, girl! There are times when all you need is a basic long sleeve running shirt, and sure, it will keep you warm enough. But sometimes it takes more than basic protection and warmth to get me out and running on a cold winter’s day. Having a top that is actually exciting to wear is motivation in itself.


Enter the Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Infinity. It’s the stylish wardrobe boost you’ve been looking for. With a gorgeous print design, long sleeves with thumbholes, cozy, fleeced interior, and a versatile cowl neck that is oh-so-cute for layering, you may need to nab this piece in a few colors. Cute for when you’re casual and fun for when it’s frosty, you’re covered. No more listening to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and reasoning yourself out of your run – you are fresh out of excuses!


Here is what we think about the Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Infinity:




Jen“The Nike Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Infinity is INCREDIBLY comfortable. I loved the fact that it kept me warm, yet not too warm. I think the pattern is fun, but probably a little too bold for my personal taste. The neckline and thumbholes are my favorite features – 2 great qualities of a good, cozy winter running top.”


Jen loves variety. She usually runs about 20 miles a week, and avoids a “routine” by switching up her daily schedule as much as possible. She enjoys running before work, lunch break group runs, and evening runs by the beach… you name it. She also hits the climbing gym a few times a week for cross training. When she’s running, she prefers trails but runs on roads as well. Jen has been running for the past 6 years on and off, but she has been more consistent for the past two years. She has her sights set on a half marathon in the near future!




Nicole“Great fit for my shape (proportioned curvy, hourglass) and I love the color! I would consider my belly and hips to be the area I’m most conscious of when it comes to fit. So I love stuff that is the right type of fitted – not actually tight against the skin in the lower area but then baggy/scrunchy at the natural waist below the bust. This top is a little warm for my running; I like to be able to shed layers and this is warm enough to not need additional layers. Would totally wear it casually or for snow sports!”


Nicole is just not that into roads. She prefers to run on packed fire-road terrain and trails. She loves a long trail run or day-long hiking adventure during the weekend. Her busy schedule combined with restricted wintertime daylight hours keeps her running mileage down to 8-15 miles a week (just enough to stay in shape while compensating for holiday treats). Nicole joined Team in Training and ran her first marathon right after she graduated college, and she’s been hooked on running ever since.




Amanda“I would wear this top on a very cold day. Great piece for keeping warm during a run, especially with the fold over neck feature. The peached thermal interior has a really soft, cozy feel and the print/style is very cute for everyday wear around town. The top is fitted with a feminine shape and has a very comfortable feel. Longer length fits me great as I am 5’10”.”


Amanda runs to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to be distraction free, and to just be. Sometimes that means squeezing in a quick 30-40 minute run while her kids are at soccer practice. She usually gets about 20 miles in each week, and though she isn’t training for anything in particular, she is always looking to increase her distance and better her time. She loves living in an area where there are a lot of road to trail runs, and running on the coast with the ocean view is a favorite. Amanda was involved in track and field in high school, but injured her knee and only just started running regularly again 3 years ago.




JuliIt was much warmer than I expected, and the fabric was so soft and cozy. The cowl neck is comfortable and had a bit of bounce to it while running, but when layered under a jacket it was just perfect. The print is really cute and the fit is great. Tops are frequently too loose on me, so the fact that this fitted top was actually fitted on me was really nice. The sleeves were a great length (my arms are pretty average length) and the thumb holes were very comfortable. I would definitely choose this piece if I lived somewhere colder.”


Juli is always looking for new beautiful, awe-inspiring runs to invigorate her soul. She starts her day with a morning run, preferably on a trail with a view. There’s nothing like watching the sunrise from the top of a hill on a morning trail run. Juli does a few 5-10 mile runs a few times a week, with at least one 2-5 hour run on the weekend (totaling 30-60 miles per week.) She is almost always training for something… typically at least one 50k trail run and another goal race (50 miles or so) are always on the books. Juli has been running for about 6 years now, but only in the last year has she started to run more trails than roads.

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