Apparel Spotlight: 2XU Men’s XTRM Series with Integrated Storage

When you’re going for a long or strenuous run, you need running clothes that can perform to the max. You also need clothes that do more for you than just cover the basics. The XTRM Collection from 2XU is designed to outfit you for your extreme running needs AND provide you with integrated storage solutions, allowing you to slay your run without worrying about where you’re going to put your gels (and everything else you need to run your best).

Integrated storage is the big ticket item when it comes to the XTRM series. The storage solutions that these pieces provide allow you to run with the peace of mind that your gels, chews, and other running essentials are not only stowed securely, but there is room for all of it.


2XU Men’s XTRM Multifusion Compression Top – MSRP: $160.00

Before you suffer from sticker shock, hear me out. This top is not, I repeat, NOT, just a top. This is a top and a pack melded into one. With a faux vest look, you’ll find the storage of a sleek vest but without the bulk. And because this storage is integrated into your compression top, there is less chance of bouncing as you run. Because you aren’t sporting a traditional hydration vest, you don’t need to worry about fiddling with the fit, since the compressive fit holds it securely in place. Now, let’s talk storage, because that’s what this top is really all about.

Two large front mesh pockets are perfect for holding most soft flasks, so you have storage for your hydration needs. Two small mesh pockets in front are great for easy access to gels or for stowing trash as you use your nutrition. Two hidden pockets within the straps are available for small items like a credit card, key, or nutrition, and one of these pockets comes with a sweat-resistant lining for added protection. Two single-gel elastic loops are available in front for easy-access as you run, and two mesh stash pockets at each sleeve are designed for holding additional nutrition or a small phone. The large mesh pocket in back is perfect for larger items like more hydration, gloves, or a windbreaker, and one large waterproof back zippered pocket can securely store sensitive electronic items like your phone or media device. Whew! So that’s 12, count ’em, 12 pockets, plus 2 elastic gel loops. If you’ve got this top, you can leave the hydration pack at home and experience streamlined storage for all you need on a long or strenuous run with the functionality of a compression top.


2XU Men’s XTRM MCS Compression Short – MSRP: $120.00

The first short option from 2XU in their XTRM series is the XTRM MCS Compression Short. This short option has three pockets in back – two large mesh stash pockets, and a large zippered pocket. Compressive shorts don’t often come with this much storage, so it’s a pretty big deal. Not only do you get the benefits of compression and a generous amount of storage, but you also get a UPF rating of 50+, and an antimicrobial treatment to keep you smelling fresh for longer.


2XU Men’s XTRM 7” 2-In-1 Short – MSRP: $100.00

2XU Men’s XTRM 7” Short – MSRP: $80.00

The 7″ short from 2XU comes in two styles, catering to your personal preference. Both have a longer length inseam for full coverage and protection out on the trail. One as a 2-in-1 short with an inner compression short, and the other with a simple liner. The two styles come with the same amount of storage, and have the same shell design. The storage in both shorts includes one large back zippered pocket (to hold gels, keys, or credit card), two stash pockets at the sides in back (for easy access storage to gels or chews), and one large side zippered pocket (to securely store your phone, wallet, nutritional bars, gels, or camera).


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