A Love Letter to Your Favorite Running Gear | Valentine’s Day Contest

It’s Valentines day…the day we express love. As we were walking through our warehouse, some of our favorite running accessories began to pour their hearts out to us about how they feel about you, their runner. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought it appropriate to share with you what some of them said.


“I love to hold your hand. It’s my purpose, my destiny. “ Your favorite gloves

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“It’s not that you don’t already smell wonderful – I am naturally attracted to that smell of sweat and dirt. But I like to think of myself as your perfume. Breathe in that eucalyptus. “ Your Action Wipes

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“My love for you is sweet. I’m there for you during the hard times, when you feel like you can’t go on. I’ll give you the pick-me-up to keep you going. “ Your GU Energy Gel

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“You’re my favorite person to relax with. Running is hard, life is hard. I’m here for you. “ Your recovery drink

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“You and I, we are as close as it gets. ” Your Body Glide

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Your running accessories

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Sometimes, we find a running product that we fall in love with. We’ve all been there. A touch, a glance, a taste, and all of the sudden, we’ve found something we can’t imagine living without.

If you could write a love note to your favorite running product (shoes, apparel, nutrition, or accessory), what would you say? How would you express your love? Tell us below and enter to win a package of running goodies. Winners will be chosen by our panel of judges and announced on Facebook. A blog will be dedicated in honor of our winner. See our Contest Rules for more details.

This contest is now closed.

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