9 Things Worse than a Bad Run

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“That run sucked. It felt horrible. I started off slow and begrudgingly continued on for too many miles, and now I just feel like absolute crap. I had to get those training miles in, but I hated every step of that run.”

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, didn’t sleep well last night, ate too much ice cream the night before, or just simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed… bad runs happen.

Instead of despairing about how horrible that run was, let’s look on the bright side and focus on 9 things that are way worse than a bad run.

1. Waiting at the DMV. “That was the best way I could have spent 5 hours of my day!” said nobody, ever.

2. Trimming cat’s claws. It’s a dangerous game.

3. Doing taxes. Bleh. How am I supposed to understand what ‘Adjusted Gross Income’ is?

4. Labor. No, not work… labor. As in, contractions.

5. Losing keys. My landlady hates me.

dentist-bill-murray6. Going to the dentist. Scraping, drilling, and polishing accompanied by a talkative hygienist and a do-not-swallow fluoride rinse.

7. Hitting your funny bone. Not. Funny.

8. Mosquitoes. Not only do they have the potential to carry diseases that spread when they bite you, but that constant itchy feeling is enough to drive anyone insane.

9. Forgetting to pack running shoes. It’s summer, so now is the prime time for traveling. You arrive at your destination and it isn’t until you get up for your morning run that you realize your running shoes are still at home. Nooooooooooo!

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