8 Ways Wearing a Buff Can Save Your Run

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Buffs are a secret weapon. Sure, you may not need it on every run, but it’s a really great accessory to bring with you. It may just save your run.

1. Hair management. Flyaways, man. That pesky hair that keeps tickling your face… the strands stuck to your sweaty neck, slowly smothering you… Sometimes I just want to shave it all off (but I won’t— don’t worry, mom). A buff worn as a hair scrunchy, do-rag, or hairband will make your run much more bearable, and with your hair held back you can fully focus on your run ahead.

2. Sun protection. I’m not a hat person, never have been, probably never will be. And as much as I know in my heart that hats can be extremely functional in protecting my mug from getting an unhealthy dose of UV rays, I can’t get myself to wear a cap that gives me flashbacks to my little league days. In favor of vanity, a Buff provides 95% UV protection and can be worn many different ways, flattering a wide variety of head shapes.

3. Sweat wiper. Scenario: your shirt is soaked in sweat. Your arms are damp with beads of perspiration. You still have miles to go, and sweat is starting to drip down your face, threatening to sting your eyes and ruin your new earbuds. Where do you turn!? Your Buff, of course.


4. Fashion statement. Okay, if we are all being honest here, sometimes you’re going on a run with a certain someone, and you want to look your best. You want to look like a runner, but also like a runner that knows what’s up, and knows how to dress. Throw a Buff into the mix and you can really impress your fellow runners, and with the crazy awesome variety of styles, colors, and prints, you’re bound to find something that suits your keen eye for fashion and is sure to be a conversation starter.

5. Handling unexpected weather. When has the weather report ever been right? I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be too harsh on meteorologists, but let’s be real… I am obsessive about checking the weather app on my phone, and no matter how diligent I am, I still run into surprises. It can be unpredictable out there, and all of the sudden you find that the chill in the breeze is hitting you right on the neck, or a mid-run rainstorm, you name it.

6. Spider protection. If you read our recent Runner vs. Nature blog about spider webs, you’ll know the threat is real, as real as the struggle that accompanies it. Wearing a Buff across your face or even completely around your head will help protect you from that creepy web-in-the-face feeling, as well as provide a barrier between your vulnerable skin and an 8-legged hitch hiker. No spider bites for me, thank you very much.

7. Shelter from airborne debris. How many times have I run past a gardener wielding his leaf blower like some sort of super-villain, only to find that he doesn’t give a crap about me running by and continues to blow leaves, dust, and lawn debris directly at me? Wearing a Buff across the face is a perfect block for this. Come at me, bro!

8. Snot collector. This is awesome, albeit, gross. But grosser than poorly executed snot rockets? I think not.

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