7 Reasons Why I’m a Morning Runner

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“Why, oh why, do you run that early in the morning?!”

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This is a common question that I find myself faced with after admitting that I log my miles before the sun comes up. There are arguments to be made for running early or late, but I happen to be a person that is well suited for early morning runs. Here are the main reasons for my devotion to hitting the pavement in the A.M.

1. I’ve got the rest of my day ahead of me. Booyah. So many possibilities and I’ve already got an awesome run under my belt. Don’t stop me now!

2. I feel invigorated. Going for a run first thing boosts my adrenaline, gets my blood pumping, and wakes my mind up. I call it my jump-start. Days when I don’t get out for my morning run are rough. I wake up more slowly, and I require more coffee. Exercising generally boosts my mood and helps me avoid reaching a bottomless pit of despair).

3. I get to see and experience beautiful things. How many people got to see that unreal sunrise as they ran through the hills? How many people got to see that sparkling shooting star overhead just before the sun came up? How many people got to feel that early morning mist on their face as they darted through the sleepy downtown streets, before most of the city was awake? Not many. I see these little pieces of beauty as presents that I get to open. Just for me.

4. It’s my time to think. There aren’t many times during my day when I have time to just think. When I’m running, it is my alone time, and the only person I have to answer to is myself. Running in the early morning gives me time to process things going on in my life, and the fact that most of the world is still asleep makes me feel like I am alone with my thoughts.

5. It’s my time to jam. I’d like to think that I’ve got the most killer running playlist. And there’s no one around to judge me when I lip sync as I run.

6. Running in the dark feels fast. That’s right, I may not actually be running faster, but I feel like I’m flying. It’s totally psychological, but I dig it.

7. The early morning runners club. That’s right, I bet you didn’t even know one existed, did you? Well, it does. And every time I pass a fellow runner through the dimly lit streets, a wave of the hand or nod of the head and smile is our way of exchanging a vow of loyalty and a bond of a common goal. There aren’t many of us, so it feels like an elite membership. I can almost hear each passerby tell me, “Get it, girl! You rock.” To the runners I wave to and pass every morning on my run: YOU rock.

Are you a morning runner? What is your favorite thing about getting your run in at daybreak?

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