4 Reasons We Love Traveling with the Salomon Skin3 5 Set Pack

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Image courtesy of @salomonrunning on Instagram.

Working your training in around your summer travel plans can be tricky. Not only do you have to worry about when and where to run, but you also have to pack accordingly, with a few sets of running clothes as well as any accessories you’ll need for your longest runs. With all that you have to plan for your trip, you need to make sure you have maximum versatility from your running gear.

Cue the Salomon Skin3 5 Set Pack. Not only is it sleek and light enough for racing, but it carries enough gear and water for training – or whatever you may need on your next adventure. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for the ONE pack to bring with you on your trip. Let me fill you in as to why the Salomon Skin3 5 Set is the only pack you need to bring on your vacation.

  1. Weight: At 225g, the 5 Set is the lightest pack in its category, meaning it won’t weigh your suitcase down if you fold it up to pack it away. The lightweight design also means it won’t feel cumbersome if you decide to take it on a shorter run when you won’t have enough gear to really load it down.
  1. Size: This pack holds up to 5L of cargo, which means you can fit your camera, a change of clothes, extra water, snacks, a map, and anything else you might need. Although it holds a lot of gear, it is designed with almost no rigid components, meaning you can fold it up into a small space when you aren’t using it. (Check out the short stop motion video below.)
  1. Comfort: Because it has almost no rigid pieces, the Salomon 5 Set feels like a shirt and moves with your body as you run, hike, or sprint to catch the train. Wear this pack for a short run if you want to carry a few essentials. If you need to be out all day, you won’t even notice the pack because it’s so comfortable.
  1. Convenient storage: Bringing a camera along has never been easier. If it’s a small one, it’ll fit into the mesh front pockets so you can whip it out and just point and shoot. For you serious photographers, the bounce-free design of the 5 Set pack will keep your large camera safe and sound in the rear mesh pocket. Along the same lines, if you choose to carry your wallet around with you, you can securely zip it up in one of the side zippered pockets – out of sight, but right next to your body for safe keeping. This pack has pockets and zippers everywhere, making it a convenient and safe storage solution for all your smaller items, regardless of the bulky gear you’re bringing along.

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