2017 Gear Guide for Spring Running

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There once was a season called spring
Full of flowers and birds that can sing
But as temperatures climb
You might find that it’s time
To ditch all your cold-weather things

As May flowers reach their peak, we want to give a comprehensive summary of the apparel and equipment that can best facilitate your spring running. Here are all of our Spring 2017 Gear Guides for your running needs.

Running Shorts

Ignoring shoes, running shorts are quite possibly the most individualized and polarizing piece of running apparel. They do cover the delicates after all. Getting the right fit and feel is essential to staying comfortable in the varied conditions of spring, so let us help.

Read the Spring Running Shorts Guides: Women’s | Men’s

Running Tops

Sweat prickles through puckered pores creating an itch that cannot be scratched. Disperse that sweat and capitalize on the breeze with these technical tees.

Read the Spring Running Top Guides: Women’s Tanks | Women’s Tees Men’s

Competition Apparel

What is a game face if it is not accompanied by the right sorts of accouterments? I’ll tell you what it is, a bad look. Look good on the line in this spring’s speediest apparel.

Read the Spring Competition Apparel Guides: Women’s Men’s

Trail Apparel

As the rains let up and the snow melts, trails that you have been avoiding all winter may begin to call out to you. They may even haunt your dreams. Ignoring them is futile. Go to them, but be sure to go prepared.

Read the Spring Trail Running Apparel Guides: Women’s Men’s

Running Hydration

Warmer temperatures mean sweat. Sweat means evaporation. Excessive evaporation means terrible things happen. Replenish with this spring’s top hydration equipment.

Read the Spring Running Hydration Guides: Women’s Men’s


Certain circles believe that the head is an important part of the human body. If you find yourself agreeing and wish to take proper care whilst running, check out the headwear that is made for spring.

Read the Spring Running Headwear Guide

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