10 Reasons I Run

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If you are a runner, you are familiar with the question, “Why do you run?” It’s a question that has a plethora of answers, different for each runner, as we all live through different life experiences and have our own unique “Why I Run” stories. These beautiful tales are pictures into our soul, our spirit, our very heart, because running is a choice. It’s not something we are forced to do – we choose to run. So why do I run? Let me tell you ten reasons.

  1. It gives me time to think. When I run, I am removed from the busy pace of my day-to-day life and forced to be alone with my thoughts.
  2. It provides me with goals. Whether it be running a new distance, getting faster, or simply finding new beautiful places to run, running lets me set measurable and achievable goals. There are so many benefits of setting goals in life, but one of the most obvious is that it gives your daily life structure and meaning.
  3. It is healthy for my physical body. My legs, my heart, my muscles, my weight, my metabolism… the list (laid out nicely by Fit & Me) goes on.
  4. It affects how I view food. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food in the past, but now I see food in a different light. Food has become fuel for me, and I can see the correlation between what I put in my body and how well I can run.
  5. It gives me an instant community. Oh you run?! Me too! Let’s be friends.
  6. It boosts my mood and is good for my mental health. Endorphins galore. That runner’s high. When you run, or do any form of exercise, your body releases these endorphins which reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also have a similar effect to the drug morphine, and runners often get a euphoric feeling post-run, accompanied with a generally positive outlook on life.
  7. It invigorates my body. After my run, I can do anything. This may be the endorphins talking again, but my body feels like it is running cleaner and stronger, and I feel like I am truly capable of anything. I mean, look at what my body can do! What can’t it do?!
  8. It gets me outside. I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the world where I want to be outside, all the time. Running gives me a daily excuse.
  9. I sleep better at night. After I started running regularly, I began to notice that I would fall asleep faster and sleep much better through the night.
  10. It’s not an expensive hobby. Especially if you know where to get your shoes and running gear. Wink wink.

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