VFuel 30 Day Trial

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We’re stoked to welcome a new energy gel brand to our all-star lineup. VFuel Energy Gel (formerly ViFuel Energy Gel) is carefully formulated to help endurance runners avoid the performance-crushing sugar crash and maintain stable energy levels.

The gel uses less sugar than many other gels to help provide stable energy. VFuel also uses significantly less sodium than many other energy gel formulations, so you might want to try an electrolyte supplement with your VFuel.

The gel was developed by endurance runners from Colorado, so we know they’re well-versed in endurance trail running, but we wanted to take the gel for a test ride ourselves. We had two of our own endurance trail runners, Erik and Tera, use VFuel exclusively for an entire month. Here’s what they had to say:

RW: What did an average training week look like for you when you were testing VFuel?


Erik (E): I was running about 55-60 miles a week with a lot of five to eight mile runs, two longer runs of 12-18 miles, and one up-tempo run.

Tera (T): I was running about 70 miles a week on average around the buildup to a 50-mile race. I didn’t do any speed work, just long runs building mileage.

RW: How’d you like the taste of VFuel?


T: I found it to be very palatable during a run. It has a very plain flavor, not highly sweet. It has a bit of a bitter aftertaste if I’m taking it before a run, but I didn’t even notice it on the run.

E: Compared to the Clif Vanilla and Clif Cherry Chocolate that I typically use, VFuel had a little edge to it on the aftertaste. It doesn’t have that same sweetness, and it tastes very clean.


RW: How did the gel settle in your stomach?


T: VFuel worked well for me on an empty stomach before and during a run.

E: I rely on gels a lot and I don’t really eat before a run. With certain other gels I typically get a spike and then drop of energy, but that didn’t happen with VFuel.


RW: Did you feel it provided stable energy for your run?


E: I found that it provided more stable energy than some of the other gels I’ve tried.

T: I didn’t have any spikes and drops of energy, but I did feel like I needed to use more of these gels than some other gels. I felt like I had to take a gel every 30 minutes or so on a long run, when typically I’d take a gel every 45 minutes.


RW: Did you notice any distinct differences between VFuel and other gels?


T: It was definitely a thinner consistency. It was a little hard to get it out of the package because the opening is so small when you tear off the top flap.

E: It’s a thinner consistency than other gels.


RW: What have you noticed after exclusively using VFuel for over a month?


E: I’ve actually been using VFuel exclusively for about 6-7 weeks, and I felt like my stomach could really handle this gel on a run, without any upset.

T: I had more sustained energy while running, and I didn’t notice peaks and bonks as much. I never had a nauseous experience or anything like that, and I never got sick of taking it.


RW: What’s your overall opinion of this new gel?


T: My overall opinion is very good. I definitely consider VFuel a favorite now. If they get the packaging design dialed in, it would be my favorite gel. I like the ingredients, they are definitely a positive for me. I did find that I needed to take a salt supplement because this gel has less sodium than many other gels.

E: I’ll definitely add VFuel into my rotation. I would like to see more flavors. I wasn’t a fan of the aftertaste of the Peach Cobbler, but the Chocolate flavor is the first Chocolate energy gel that I’ve enjoyed.

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