“Top the GM” Challenge presented by Plus3 Network

Plus3 is challenging network participants to outrun Joe. That’s right – beat the Running Warehouse GM to win free prizes! The contest goes through September, with winners determined on a weekly and monthly basis. The Grand Prize Winner at the close of the contest will receive a free $100 gift card to Running Warehouse.

What is Plus3?

Plus3 is a corporate wellness network centered around the goal of combining wellness, rewards, and philanthropy. What does that mean, exactly? Let me break it down for you.

1) Many corporations desire to promote wellness in the workplace.

2) Large businesses often struggle to create a system of activities and rewards for their employees that will motivate a diverse population of people.

3) This is where Plus3 comes in. This network provides a broad base of fitness challenges, activities and reward systems (including charitable partnerships) that can be customized for individual corporations.

Who is the “GM”?old joe1

We’re glad you asked. Meet Joe Rubio, the General Manager of Running Warehouse.

Joe is a runner at heart. As a two-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier, Joe isn’t merely in the business of selling running gear; he’s in the business of running. If he’s not running himself, he’s helping someone else run through various coaching avenues. Outside of running, Joe spends his time cheering for the SF Giants, excitedly yelling across the office about brilliant sales ideas, and hanging out with his wife and daughters.

How can you participate in the GM Challenge?

Interested in outrunning Joe? Follow the steps below to join with Plus3 and Running Warehouse in moving towards wellness.

1. If you are already a member with Plus3, go to the Plus3 GM Challenge page and select “Click to Join the Challenge”.

2. If you are not currently a member, go to the Plus3 homepage and click “Get Started”. Enter in your information, choose a cause, and follow the confirmation steps.

3. Once you have confirmed membership, follow the instructions in step 1.

4. Start running and winning prizes!

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