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8 Tips to Keep Running Through the Holidays

November 26th, 2012

1. Ignore the Weather

It’s snowing and frigid outside…embrace it! Gear up for winter weather and head out on your run despite the conditions. With the right winter jacket and a great pair of men’s tights or women’s tights, you’ll defeat the chill every time. If it’s especially brutal outside, warm yourself up with a cup of hot cider or tea when you get home.

2. Run before You Feast

Log a few miles before you sit down to eat, and you’ll feel better after the meal. And if you make sure to get out the door and run before you eat, you won’t have any excuse for missing mileage.

3. Set Your Next Race Goal Now

Register for an upcoming race near you, and set your goal for that race now. Write your goal down and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day, to help you stay motivated when weather conditions, family errands, and work obligations threaten your workouts.

4. Run with Family

Inspire your loved ones to greater levels of health by running as a family. A morning run will help everyone work up an appetite for dinner and start the day off feeling energized. If you have kids, they’d love it if you grab the headlamps and find a safe area to go on an evening run.

5. Hit the Gym

If you just can’t convince yourself to head out and run in the rain or snow, then maybe it’s time to mix it up with a strength workout indoors. Adding some light weights to your repertoire will up your calorie burn post-workout and can help you build lean muscle to power you through your runs later on.

6. Respect Your Diet – Within Reason

Your diet is about respecting your body, so it just makes sense to respect it during the holidays as well. Enjoy your favorite seasonal snacks in moderation and they won’t negatively affect your training.

7. Stay in the Hunt

While the winter months might make you feel like skipping workouts, your fitness will take a huge hit if you miss even two to three weeks of training. The holiday season doesn’t have to be the season of PRs for you, you just need to stay in the game by getting out the door a few times a week and logging some miles.

8. Watch Your Stress Levels

It’s easy to get bogged down by the stress of holiday planning and coordination, but stress can have seriously negative affects on your physical and mental health. Avoid the frantic fray by establishing a few de-stressing routines for yourself. Do a morning meditation, enjoy a few moments of stillness with a hot cup of tea or hit the trails to get away from the hustle of the city.

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Nike’s Winter Running Shoes

March 16th, 2010

In October, for the last several years, Nike has been producing winterized versions of two of their best selling running shoes: the Nike Air Pegasus and Nike Zoom Structure Triax. What Nike does is they take the normal road versions, add a GoreTex membrane (waterproof/breathable) with minor tweaks to the upper and poof, you get shoes ready to take on the wet and cold of winter. The only drawback in the past has been a slight change in fit, which was the result of a stiffer upper that changed the toe-box shape compared to the supple mesh used in the regular versions. For October 2010 that all changes. Thanks to a new toe-lasting process and material improvements, the Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 GTX and Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 GTX are intended to provide the same fit of the mesh versions. We will have to wait and see if this holds true once the production versions arrive, but the samples looked good.

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