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Five Signs of Runner Overtraining

February 19th, 2013

Overtraining can lead to injury, burnout and impaired performance, so avoiding it is especially crucial for competitive runners with serious goals.  Here are five signs of overtraining:

1. Your body hurts.

Every athlete gets sore from time to time, especially if you’re just starting a new training routine. What we’re talking about are those nagging aches and pains that started a week (or more) ago, and just won’t go away. This is your body’s way of letting you know it’s time for some rest. Without rest, it’s easy for those minor aches and pains to develop into more serious injuries that could sideline you from your training.

2. You’re unmotivated to workout.

We’ve all had a tough time stepping that first foot out the door some days, but if you feel unmotivated before every workout, it’s time to ease up. Mental burnout is a good sign that physical burnout is on the horizon. Being able to push through a workout when you’re less than motivated is part of being a competitor, but know your limits. If you find you’re dragging yourself through every workout, think twice before you lace up your trainers today.

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