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Saucony Endorphin MD4 & LD4 Sneak Peek

September 5th, 2013

Molly Huddle & Duane Solomon show off the Endorphin LD4 & MD4 (Image: Saucony)

Though Saucony may not be the biggest name when it comes to spikes, there’s no denying that their track & field offerings have been impressive as of late. Their most recent distance spikes, the Endorphin MD3 and the LD3, were freakishly light, barely registering on our scales and serving as very strong contenders against the likes of Nike’s Victory and Matumbo models.

This year, it seems that Saucony has accomplished the impossible, making their Endorphin spikes even lighter and faster than before. Mind = Blown! In all seriousness though, expect this update to bring minor changes, improving upon a couple of already excellent spikes.

What To Watch For

  • Reduced Overlays: The MD4 and LD4 will feature fewer overlays around the rear and medial side of the shoe while strategically placing remaining overlays to maintain a secure fit.
  • Carryover Platform: Not messing with a good thing, the MD4 and LD4 will feature the same 6-pin and 4-pin spike plate as their respective predecessors.
  • Featherweight Construction: According to Saucony, the MD4 is expected to come in at 3.2 oz for a Men’s 9 and 2.8 oz for a Women’s 8, while the LD4 is listed at 2.8 oz (Men’s 9) and 2.4 oz (Women’s 8).

Release Date
November 2013

MD4: $100.00
LD4: $100.00 Read more…

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Saucony Endorphin MD3 – Our Take

January 20th, 2012

Saucony Endorphin MD3 Men's Running Shoe

Our Tweet

Move over Nike Zoom Victory. Saucony Endorphin MD3 is stiff competition that will be on the feet of many mid-distance runners this spring.
(View the Men’s MD3 and Women’s MD3.)

Runners Say

“This is a pretty impressive spike by Saucony. The weight is a huge achievement but I give them a lot of credit for the spike plate design too. It’s comfortable and really puts you on your toes.” – Daniel

“This spike feels more like a 400m spike. The spike plate is a little too rigid for me for anything over 800m.” – Jonathan

“The MD3 fits me like a good mid-distance spike should – snug but not too tight, heel cup feels solidly locked in, and no immediately apparent hotspots. Kudos to Saucony for bringing some real competition to this category.” – Matt

Big Updates

  • Way Lighter: The MD3 drops to 3.4 oz from the MD2’s 5.0 oz weight (Men’s size 9). Saucony achieved weight reduction throughout the shoe, including a new upper with barely-there FlexFilm overlays and the use of SSL (Saucony Super Lite) EVA foam in the midsole.
  • Redesigned Spike Plate: Saucony added a new Pebax spike plate to the MD3 with improved torsional rigidity, grip and comfort.

Track Test

Well, well, well. Looks like the number of ultra-lightweight middle distance spikes just increased by 100%. The Nike Zoom Victory, introduced over 3 years ago, was pretty darn close to a revelation with its low 3.4 oz weight, snug fit, and aggressive spike plate. Nothing else on the market came close to its light weight…until now.

Enter the Saucony Endorphin MD3. This middle distance spike matches the Victory’s 3.4 oz weight thanks to redesigns throughout the shoe. A big part of the weight reduction comes from the upper, which now uses synthetic FlexFilm overlays. The redesigned spike plate is also lighter, while Saucony claims increased torsional rigidity.

Strapping this shoe on, we can attest to the light weight. Heck, you can tell that just by picking them up from the box. But a mid-distance spike has to fit and perform well too. We’re divided on the fit of the MD3, with some saying it felt like there was a bit too much wiggle room in the shoe and others finding the fit more comfortable and sock-like than the Zoom Victory. We suspect that runners with a wider foot in particular may prefer the MD3’s fit.

What we enjoyed most about this shoe is the redesigned spike plate. The shoe just begs you to get up on your toes and start going fast. The spike placement felt good too.

The bottom line is that before you head out on the track this season for an 800m to 1500m race, the Saucony MD3 deserves a try-on.

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