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Saucony Type A5 – Our Take

March 8th, 2012

Saucony Grid Type A5 Women's Running Shoe

Our Tweet

Saucony Type A5: the 5 A’s are for Agile, Amazing, Airy, Accomplished and Awesome. You want this lightweight shoe for your next race.
(View Men’s Type A5 and Women’s Type A5)

Big Updates

  • Weight Reduction: Saucony shaved about a half ounce of weight from both the Women’s and Men’s A5 compared to the A4.
  • FlexFilm Overlays: For added support in the upper without added weight, Saucony places welded overlays strategically on the upper.

Road Test

Like the Type A4, the Type A5 is one popular shoe, and for good reason according to our testers. We were impressed by the blend of responsiveness and protection from impact shocks that the Type A4 offered, and this smooth ride continues in the Type A5, thanks to a mid/outsole that is unchanged. The A5 remains a great shoe for minimalist training and race distances up to a half marathon.

Another thing we enjoyed about the Type A4 was its highly breathable mesh upper. Saucony completely redesigned the upper of the Type A5 but kept the airy, open feel intact. The added FlexFilm provides some extra structure right where you want it – spanning the heel up through the midfoot. Many testers really liked that the generous forefoot fit gave their feet room to expand.

Midfoot strikers will be happiest in the Type A5, but the shoe is fairly forgiving for heel strikers as well. There’s no cushioning tech beyond the Saucony Super Lite EVA foam. But out on the road, the shoe feels far more protective than the low stack height and low heel-to-toe drop would suggest.

Our list of dislikes is short. Because the Type A5 carries over the Type A4’s mid/outsole, expect the same issues with pebbles and small rocks getting lodged in the tread. And with the series of drainage holes, plan to avoid puddles unless you like your socks on the moist side.

Runners Say

“The Type A5 has one of the smoothest rides I’ve experienced, period. I’d love to do my next half marathon in this shoe.” – Matt

“I like that the upper gives your foot some room without feeling baggy or loose. Almost effortless transition for a midfoot striker.” – Lauren

“Very good build quality, but like most racing flats I wouldn’t expect to get over 250 miles of life out of this shoe.” – Daniel

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Saucony Grid Type A5 – First Look

January 5th, 2012

Saucony Type A5

The Saucony Type A4 is a favorite racing flat around the office here, so we were excited to find out that Saucony planned to cut even more weight when introducing the Type A5. The midsole and outsole is unchanged from the Type A4, so all the weight reduction happens in the upper, which now uses a lightweight breathable mesh and FlexFilm™ overlays.

Weight is expected to drop from the current 6.3 oz to 5.6 oz (Men’s size 9). That’s over 10% weight loss in an already light shoe. Pretty flippin’ sweet, if you ask us.

The Type A5 is coming soon – the middle of February, to be exact. For men, the first colorways will be the White/Red/Citron shown above and a Slime Green/Black color. Women start out with Blue/Citron/Pink and White/Purple/Black.

View our Men’s Type A5 Sneak Peak video or Women’s Type A5 Sneak Peak video for even more details.

What to Watch For

  • Lighter Upper: How do you go lighter than open mesh? Well, Saucony found a way with its new lightweight breathable mesh upper combined with bonded FlexFilm overlays for structural support. The FlexFilm also anchors the foot more securely to the platform of the shoe.
  • Same Ol’ Sole: The midsole and outsole of the A5 are unchanged from the A4. That’s welcome news for all of you who loved the low heel-to-toe drop, low stack height, and light, responsive ride of the A4.
  • New Pricing: MSRP is up five bucks compared to the A4, which isn’t all that bad considering the A4 came out almost two years ago and a bunch of technological development went into shaving almost three quarters of an ounce from an already lightweight shoe.

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