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Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 Sneak Peek

March 7th, 2013

Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2

Okay all you crazy fell runners and mountaineers – this sneak peek is for you.

Straight from the legendary S-Lab comes the second iteration of the Fellcross, Salomon’s technical and aggressive trail racing shoe. There are minimal changes with this update – slight modifications to the outsole should improve grip but all in all this will be the same shoe as its mountain-slaying predecessor.

What to Watch For

  • Improved Grip: The Fellcross 2 features Salomon’s patented V-shaped lugs for optimal traction over unforgiving terrain.
  • Carryover Upper: The upper on the original Fellcross does a great job of protecting the foot from the elements, so why change it?


Release Date
September 2013

Black/Racing Red/Black Salomon Fellcross 2

Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 Outsole View

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Salomon S-Lab Sense Sneak Peek

February 7th, 2012
Salomon S-Lab Sense Men's Trail Running Shoe

Salomon S-Lab Sense Men's Trail Running Shoe

If you don’t know the name Kilian Jornet, chances are good that this shoe’s not quite right for you. For those of you who are familiar with Kilian’s achievements, you might have noticed the shoe you see above on his feet when he was first across the finish line at The North Face 100K in Australia. And the 2011 Western States 100. And the 9th UTMB. And the Table Mountain Challenge 2011. See a trend?

This is a very special shoe. We use the term “shoe” loosely – this model is more like a precision trail instrument for the ultra runner. It has been designed new from the ground up specifically for trail racers who need ultimate performance.

The S-Lab Sense will be produced in very limited quantities for its official release date of July 2012. Can’t wait that long? We’re expecting our shipment in early May. MSRP is $200.00.

What to Watch For

  • Amazing Upper: A close, comfortable fit was a priority when designing this shoe. The Sense’s EndoFit technology is an internal sleeve that wraps the foot, providing comfortable structure along with regulated breathability. You can run sockless with complete confidence in this model. Simply put, the Sense has one of the most comfortable fits of any running shoe on the market.
  • Rabid Weight Reduction: Salomon shaved weight wherever they could, paying particular attention to the midsole and outsole design. They even redesigned the toggle for the Quicklace system, just to cut a fraction of an ounce. The result? An estimated weight of just 6.5 oz (Men’s 9).
  • Innovative Rock Protection: Instead of a rock plate that would weigh the shoe down, Salomon engineered the Sense with a thin TPU mesh film in the middle of the midsole. This provides poke-through protection while maintaining a flexible forefoot (a design feature Salomon is calling “propriotection” – no, we don’t think that term will catch on).
  • Dynamic Traction: The outsole of the Sense looks pretty smooth for a trail shoe. But this is a case of looks being deceiving. The outsole is able to deform in order to provide grip specific to the type of terrain it encounters.
  • Low Offset: Even though the shoe is designed for forefoot strikers, it offers a 4mm heel-to-toe drop to provide some extra cushion and protection at the tail end of a long-haul race.
  • Low to the Ground: As designed, the midsole height is 9mm in the forefoot and 13mm in the heel. We’ll give you full stack height measurements when the shoe arrives in inventory, but expect those numbers to rise by 4 to 6mm if you’re comparing the shoe to other stack heights listed on our site.


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Spring 2010 Trail Offerings From Salomon

April 26th, 2010

Salomon has three new trail running shoes for Spring 2010. Two shoes are updates, the XT Wings 2 and the XT Hawk 2, and the XA Pro 5 is a new introduction. Before we get into the specifics, let’s have a brief review of Salomon trail running footwear. Salomon designs trail running shoes to provide rugged trail performance over a vast variety of terrain. All Salomon shoes incorporate a Sensift upper design for a secure midfoot fit. This design keep your foot well grounded in the shoe and reduces slippage so that the foot and the shoe move as one entity. Another unilateral feature is the Quicklace sytem, which allows for easy-on, easy-off entry and egress of of the shoe. The Quicklace system is also easily stowed under a stretch mesh situated at the top of the tongue. This handy feature prevents the laces from getting caught on wayward branches or other trail debris. Each Salomon shoe uses a specific outsole and midosle combination to meet specific needs and well touch on these specifics as we discuss the new shoes below.

Salomon XT Wings 2 for Men

Salomon XT Wings 2 for Men

Award winning shoe gets a new midsole material.

When the XT Wings debuted in January 2008, Runner’s World designated the shoe as a Best Debut and for good reason. The XT Wings delivered a superb, snug fit for great control on the trail. Yet as good as this shoes was on the trail, it provided superb comfort for road running. The versatility of the XT Wings is no accident. From the outset, the XT Wings was designed to address the needs of runners who love the trails but live in environments where roads are unavoidable. Instead of having to drive to the trail, Salomon felt you should be able to run to the trail and keep going with just one shoe. Hence, the XT Wings was born.

Built on the concept of a human body analogy, the XT Wings consisted of skeleton, muscle and tendon components. The skeleton is Salomon’s Agile Chasis System (ACS). Structural integrity and stability are afforded by the ACS. Just as muscles contract to initiate or resist movement, the AC midsole flexes to absorb impact. To aid in energy return, the AC Tendon outsole elongates and snaps back to its original shape. The resulting combination of all three components is an enjoyable ride quality that is adaptive to varied terrain.

With the XT Wings 2, little has changed. The upper lines have not changed, so the XT Wings 2 provides the same great fit as its predecessor. A slight modification the to mud guard that reduced weight and increased flexibility without sacrificing protection is the only significant upper change. AC2 replaces the original AC midsole. AC2 provides greater resiliency relative to weight. Thus the XT Wings 2 weighs 0.3 ounces less than the original, but has greater cushioning durability. No changes were made to the outsole.

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