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Salomon EXO Sensifit Line

October 10th, 2011

Spidey suit? Not quite. This is Salomon at its best.

Salomon Running has always sought to serve the needs of runners who traverse mountains, push limits and charge harsh terrain. Identified primarily with trail running, Salomon is recognized in the wider running industry for challenging norms both in aesthetics and technical features. True to this nature, Salomon launched EXO Sensifit in 2010, a totally innovative apparel line with performance benefits unique to runners.

EXO Agility: Salomon Men's EXO IV 3/4 Tight

The EXO Sensifit Collection is easily identified by a grid-like pattern, which is both cutting edge and daring. It is this honeycomb overlay (shown left) that provides everything from postural control to compression benefits to heightened mobility. The line includes a variety of shorts, tights, tops and calf sleeves.

Like all of Salomon’s products, EXO has been athlete-designed and tested. The designs are often flashy and intense, and have been championed around the world by elite runner and Salomon-sponsored athlete Killian Jornet.

This fall’s collection is highlighted by the Salomon EXO Motion XR Tight (men’s and women’s) and EXO XR ½ Zip Long Sleeve Tech Tee (men’s and women’s) pictured above.  Skin-fitted and offered in bold colors, this EXO Motion outfit is the premium choice for runners seeking warmth, light compression and total range of motion. (Click on images for larger view)

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Salomon XR Crossmax Trail Shoe Product Launch

June 29th, 2010
Les Tresoms Hotel, Annecy France.  The Salomon XF Product Launch Meeting started here.

The Salomon XF Trail Shoe is launched at Les Tresoms Hotel in Annecy, France.

Recently, Salomon invited 150 accounts from North American and Europe to their facilities in Annecy, France to introduce the upcoming Salomon XR Crossmax Trail shoe.  The RW crew left San Luis Obispo at 11:00 Saturday morning for the 45 minute flight to Los Angeles, then after a 3 hour layover we were off on the 11 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  The flight over is never very much fun.  You loose a day in transit, plus trying to sleep on the flight is pretty tough.  Once in Frankfurt it was through customs, across a maze of corridors and tunnels to the gate for the final 60 minute flight from Frankfurt to Geneva, Switzerland.  Once there a taxi driver holding a Salomon placard whisked us to our hotel 20 miles away in downtown Annecy.

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