Race of the Month: Run to Win America

It’s kinda hard to believe that we have the scoop on Stephen Colbert, but we’ve found a race that will raise the flag of any genuine America-lover. We’re talking, of … Continue Reading →

Race of the Month: Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon New Orleans

When we were watching the ‘Niners lose on Sunday (sorry all you SF fans), we couldn’t help but think that New Orleans looks like it would make for a great … Continue Reading →

Race of the Month: The Naked Foot 5K

OK, you got our attention with the word “naked” in the title. We fell for your tricks, race organizers. Turns out, the only thing that’s naked in this race (at … Continue Reading →

Race of the Month: Cupid’s Undie Run

It’s the shortest month of the year, and we’re celebrating with the shortest race we’re featuring all year. Cupid’s Undie Run is just 1.5 miles long, meaning that for a … Continue Reading →

Race of the Month: Maui Oceanfront Marathon

Once a month we’ll be profiling a run event that sparks our interest. Don’t think of it as an exhaustive survey of the cool races out there or a ringing … Continue Reading →