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Running Sunglasses Guide

June 15th, 2012

Summer’s in full swing and if you’re rockin’ an old pair of shades for your runs, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Take a look at our top picks for running sunglasses.

Best Value

Tifosi Slip Sunglasses

Tifosi Slip
Sixty bucks doesn’t go all that far these days, but it still gets you a great pair of running sunglasses. The Slip offers core features many runners want: low weight, adjustable nosepiece and temples, high lens clarity and good lens ventilation. Count on the Slip to get the job done without breaking the bank. And for $30 more, upgrade to the Polarized version.

Smith Parallel
You: “How the heck can a $129.00 pair of sunglasses be a good value?” Us: “It’s all in the details. The Parallel offers an amazing fit that feels custom-made for the shape of your face. A special lens coating repels water, dirt and grease, and the lens offers top-notch scratch and impact resistance. And of course, the view is crystal clear and distortion free.”

Best for Changing Conditions

Tifosi Tyrant (Darkening Shown)

Tifosi Tyrant Polarized Fototec
How many times have you started out on a run with plenty of sunshine, only to find clouds rolling in by mile three? And how about those squinty days when it’s just a bit overcast? This model from Tifosi features a Fototec lens that adjusts to transmit between 9 to 29% of light based on the amount of UV light the lens is exposed to.

Smith Pivlock V90
Snap in the Ignitor Red interchangeable lens that comes with the Pivlock V90 for clearer vision on lightly overcast and hazy days when the sun’s rays are refracting all over the place. The open-top, rimless design offers maximum ventilation to prevent fogging as the temperature changes.

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