Runner vs. Nature: Spider Webs

  While our Runner vs. Nature blog series is generally geared toward helping you navigate some of the more dangerous aspects of the great outdoors, we feel that some issues … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Lightning

It was the great summer thunderstorm of 2015. You see, we here in Central California don’t see many storms, let alone a day-long thunderstorm that produces over 35,000 lightning strikes … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Rain

Living in San Luis Obispo, CA is rough. I know, I know…who am I to complain about a sunny, 75 degree, ocean-in-my-backyard paradise? Hear me out. How in the world … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Mountains

If you’re a regular on our blog, you are well aware that a runner vs. nature post means that we will be offering helpful tips about how runners can best … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Ticks

As many of you hopefully know by now, our culture seems to be infatuated with obscenely large portions of food. Supersized meals, lattes the size of a human head, and … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Mountain Lions

You’re running (duh!). And that automatically puts you on a mountain lion’s hit list. Not because these big cats love human snacks, or that they are innately vicious creatures, but … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Sting Like a Bee

I’m not sure who struck first, but I have a contentious relationship with bees. Generally, we try to avoid each other, but sometimes things get ugly. I suppose we have … Continue Reading →


Runner vs Nature: Poison Oak and Ivy

Running Warehouse’s home is a truly beautiful place to be a runner. San Luis Obispo County is full of open space covered in countless miles of trails. Within the immediate … Continue Reading →


Runner vs. Nature: Dealing With Bears While Running

Perhaps one of the more exciting forms of fauna a runner can come across while on the trails is the mighty bear. In our hometown of San Luis Obispo, California, … Continue Reading →

2006-07-27 - 08 - Road Trip - Day 04 - United States - South Dakota - Sign - Beware of Poisonous Snakes

Runner vs. Nature: How To Deal With Snakes While Running

Here on the Central Coast of California, the warmer days are upon us as the seasons turn towards summer. While this is a great thing for us runners who prefer … Continue Reading →