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Food as Fuel: Recipes for the Runner

January 9th, 2015


My dear friend’s wise father once said, “Food is fuel – nothing more.” I love the idea of his theory, and while experiencing many a post-dessert sugar-hangover, I may have wished that I could live by that simple mantra. But it just will not happen for me. Why? Although I wholeheartedly agree with the first half of the statement, the “nothing more” phrase just will not fly with my indulgent taste buds.

As runners, it is true that food is fuel. We need food to sustain and empower the activity that we love. But to many of us, food is also enjoyment, entertainment, and a social activity. Additionally, food is something that must be practical and fit between running, working, sleeping, family time, and personal time. Can all of the worlds – fuel, gratification and practicality – be merged?  That is what this blog series is about. We recognize that every runner is different. Some clock enough miles to merit constant hunger, and therefore need healthy, hearty, high calorie meals. Some people run to stay fit and lean, and prefer meals on the lighter side. Some people run so that they can eat anything they want – including (but not limited to) large bowls of ice cream with an entire pack of Oreos on the side.

As we share our favorite recipes with you, we hope to provide options for all types of runners and lifestyles. With every recipe we contribute, you’ll be informed as to why we chose it and our opinion on its practical purpose. And hopefully you’ll walk away with one more meal in your recipe book.

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Fresh Summer Snacks

June 7th, 2013

The summertime heat can subdue even the most voracious appetites, but you still have to keep yourself fueled. When high temps crush our appetites, we reach for the fresh flavors of fruits and veggies to whip up healthy and easy snacks. Try one (or five) of our favorite summer snacks to keep you running strong through the hot season. We’ve got something to satisfy whatever your palate craves – sweet, salty… even sour.

Frozen Yogurt

Okay, we know what you’re thinking – we said healthy snacks. Hear us out. Start with about half a cup each of Greek yogurt and frozen fruit of your choice. Toss them into a blender and pulse them until your mixture has a nice creamy consistency. If you want a little extra sweetness, add a touch of honey. Put your fro yo in the freezer for about 45 minutes to let it firm up a bit more, then stir and enjoy a protein and antioxidant-packed snack.

Kale Chips

Kale chips are a salty, savory delicious alternative to potato chips. Remove the fibrous inner part of the kale leaf and tear the leaves into chip-sized pieces. Toss the leaves with a tablespoon of olive oil and seasonings of your choice. Spread the chips out on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes. Check on your chips about half way through and shuffle them around on the cookie sheet so that they bake evenly. When finished, the chips should be light and crunchy. Enjoy them alone or with a side of guac.

Apple with Almond Butter and Cinnamon

We took a little twist on the apples and peanut butter so many of us remember from our childhoods. Slice up your favorite kind of apple and spread the slices with almond butter (try crunchy for an added texture experience). Sprinkle the top with cinnamon to taste, and enjoy. Apples are plenty juicy to give you a little hydration boost, and the fat and protein from the almond butter will help fuel your day.

Dill Pickles and Cheddar

If you’re craving something salty with a little touch of sour, it’s hard to beat the dill pickle and cheddar combo. Choose a high quality dill pickle, and extra sharp cheddar. Slice the pickles into chunks, and slice the cheese into very thin pieces. Use toothpicks and skewer two pieces of cheese and two pieces of pickles on each for an easy-to-eat finger food. This snack has a nice sodium boost that can help you replenish the salts you lose on a long hot run.

Dark Chocolate Strawberries

The classic dessert of dark chocolate and strawberries is tasty any time of the year. To make this snack healthier, use extra dark chocolate (85% cacao or higher) to minimize the sugar content, and drizzle the melted chocolate on strawberries instead of dipping them. To make this treat even more refreshing, stick the chocolate-drizzled berries into the freezer for a few hours before eating.

Cucumber and Hummus

Cucumber has a very high water content to help you with your hydration endeavors this summer. Chill an English cucumber in the fridge for a few hours prior to prepping this snack. Slice the cucumber into spears, and dip the spears in your favorite hummus. The chickpeas in the hummus have protein to keep your body satisfied, and the cucumber will offer a delicious and refreshing crunch for anytime snacking.

PB Banana Bites

PB banana bites are like a miniature, healthier version of an ice cream sandwich. Slice a banana into ¼” slices. Mix a few tablespoons of peanut butter with ½ teaspoon of honey and spread the mixture between two banana slices to make a mini sandwich. Place the bites into the freezer so you can grab a few for a quick snack on the go.

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