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Insole Brands Explained

August 30th, 2012

Replacement insoles are an excellent option for runners looking to add cushioning, structure, or both to their shoes. Though significantly improved over the past 5 to 10 years, stock sockliners that come in running shoes today still offer limited cushioning and support. Custom orthotics, though specifically made to meet the user’s need, can be very expensive. So what’s a runner to do? Replacement insoles can meet the needs of many runners without breaking the bank.

We offer a full selection of insoles. There are a lot to choose from, and every insole offers a little something different. Here’s some info to help you spot the notable features of the insole brands we carry.


Superfeet insoles use a plastic shell that contours the heel and arch for rigid support. This brand’s philosophy focuses on creating an ideal foot position so that the foot can serve as the foundation for optimal body alignment. A thin foam layer rests atop the insole for comfort, though these insoles offer little to no additional cushioning over a stock sockliner.

  • Green: The most popular model we sell, Superfeet Green insoles are best for runners with a medium to high arch structure seeking maximum support. These provide no additional cushioning over a stock insole. They are available in a wide version to fit 3E to 6E widths.
  • Orange/Berry: Best for those with medium-high arches, these insoles feature softer foam as well as an additional thin foam layer under the forefoot to provide slight cushioning. Orange is designed for men, Berry is for women.
  • Blue: Best for runners with medium to low arch structures. The lower profile works well in shoes with a tighter fit. These insoles provide no additional cushioning over a stock insole.
  • Black: A lightweight and low profile design makes Superfeet Black insoles ideal for runners looking to add a bit of support to racing shoes with removable sockliners.

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