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New Balance MT/WT1010 Sneak Peek

March 9th, 2012

New Balance MT1010 and WT1010 Trail Running Shoes

OK, so the MT110 and WT110 have been so popular that they really oughta run for office. New Balance engineered these vote-getters with fantastic trail performance and a good dose of style for their $85.00 MSRP.

For runners who want a more cushioned ride in the Minimus collection, New Balance is adding the new MT1010 and WT1010. These shoes bump the features up a notch while keeping weight down. The result is a lightweight trail trainer with a bit more cushion than its MT/WT110 running mate, helping you go the distance in comfort.

Launch Date

August 2012



What to Watch For

  • Low Drop: Like the MT/WT110, the 1010 sits on a platform with a 4mm offset.
  • Low Weight: The 1010 is expected to weigh almost exactly the same as the MT/WT110 – 7.7 oz for Men’s size 9 and 5.9 oz for Women’s size 8.
  • Premium Trail Platform: The 1010 sports Rock Stop protection and a Vibram outsole, but keeps weight in check by switching over to New Balance’s Revlite foam, which is 30% lighter than traditional foams but retains its responsiveness, cushioning and durability.
  • Rugged Upper: The synthetic mesh upper is ready to stand up to almost anything you’ll encounter on the trail, and is constructed with a gusseted tongue to keep out grit and debris.

Men’s Colors

Women’s Colors

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New Balance MT/WT110 Product Video

February 7th, 2012

The New Balance MT110 and WT110 have been some of our biggest sellers at Running Warehouse since their introduction in early January. If you run on trails, you need to know about this shoe.

We had a chance to sit down with Bryan Gothie, a senior product manager at New Balance, to talk over the technical aspects of the MT110.

If you want even more info after watching the video, be sure to check out our blog on the MT/WT110, along with the MT110 Product Review and WT110 Product Review on our site.

New Balance MT110 Running Shoe Interview

Click the Image to View the Video

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New Balance MT110/WT110 – Our Take

January 13th, 2012

New Balance WT110 Lateral View

New Balance WT110 Medial View

Our Tweet

This update to the 101 lightweight trail racer gets low (4mm heel-to-toe drop) and goes to a natural running last for more forefoot room.
(View the Men’s MT110 and Women’s WT110.)

Runners Say

“The MT110 is actually one of the most versatile trail shoes on the road that I’ve seen. I was impressed by the comfort and stability of this shoe on the road and trail. The cushiony lugs provide a nice level of protection. I rarely go sockless, but without socks in the MT110 I didn’t feel a single hotspot.” – Erik

“I really like the fit of the upper. No complaints there. And the midsole seems plenty flexible, but it feels a little too built up on the outside edge of the forefoot. Probably something I would get used to after a few longer runs.” – Joanna

“New Balance stamped the phrase ‘Keep Up’ in the outsole. It’s kinda corny, and anyone behind you would have to be crawling on their hands and knees to see the words on your footprint, but it’s also a fun little detail that tells you the designers put some thought into every aspect of this shoe.” – Matt

Big Updates

  • Lower, Flatter: The 4mm offset is flatter than the 9mm offset found in the 101, with the forefoot lowered two millimeters and the heel lowered 7 millimeters.
  • New Last: The 110 switches to the wide forefoot of the NL-1 run-specific last, which gives you the room you need for your feet to spread out during midfoot striking.
  • Synthetic Mesh Upper: This material breathes well, feels durable, and is easy to wipe clean. Or, if you’re like us, you’ll want to leave them dirty so they look a little more like genuine trail shoes.
  • More Flexible Midsole: The midsole gives you some cushioning and protection but doesn’t get in your way (though a few testers noticed a built-up lateral forefoot, which felt a bit awkward at least at first).
  • Better Cushion & Traction: Directional lugs from heel to toe on the 110 improve traction on uphill climbs and descents. The outsole is made from sticky rubber that also offers a bit of cushioning.

Road Test

Every now and then there’s a shoe that has our staffers tossing and turning at nights, waiting in anticipation. We know the signs. The open catalogs on their desks. The methodical checking of blogs and chat rooms for product updates. The tents in front of our receiving dock.

The New Balance MT110 is one of those shoes. Every trail runner in the building was drooling over this shoe. So when we got our first shipment, it took about 16 nanoseconds for the first pair to be out of their box and on someone’s feet.

Turns out, the anticipation was totally warranted. New Balance nailed almost every technical aspect of this shoe. We couldn’t find one tester who was unimpressed with the fit and construction of the upper. It reminds you it’s there just enough without getting in the way. Of course, for the heel strikers on staff, this shoe would take some getting used to on the trails, but midfoot strikers felt right at home right away, with a smooth transition free of the “slap” on ground contact that can occur in a less well-designed shoe.

Apparently we weren’t the only folks eager for the launch of this shoe. The MT/WT110 is selling fast. Check out the Black/Green color of the WT110 (pictured) and the Black/Orange or Titanium color of the MT110.

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New Balance MT110/WT110 – First Look

December 28th, 2011

New Balance MT110 Men's Shoe

New Balance faced a daunting task when updating the MT101 and the women’s version, the WT101. Plenty of customers rave about this shoe, and for good reason. The 101 struck a near-perfect balance by providing protection from lumps and bumps on the trail while still being light and nimble enough to please many in the minimalist crowd.

We think it’s about to get even better with the MT110 and WT110 ($85.00 MSRP each), releasing in early January 2012.

  • New Upper Construction: The innovative synthetic upper covering a soft, breathable lining is highly durable and ready to handle dirt, mud, water or any other elements you want to throw its way.
  • Lower Heel Height: The MT110 and WT110 have dropped the heel from 26mm to 21mm while keeping a 17mm forefoot, giving these shoes a flatter 4mm heel-to-toe differential.
  • More Flexible Midsole: Even with rock stop technology to protect from stone bruises, New Balance has added flexibility in the midsole for more natural heel-to-toe movement.
  • Sticky, Lug-alicious Outsole: New Balance went with directional lugs from heel to toe on this update for better traction on uphill climbs and descents, and the sticky rubber will keep you planted.
  • Still Staying Trim: At 7.75 ounces (men’s size 9) and 6.2 ounces (women’s size 8), the MT110 and WT110 continue to fall on the lighter end of the trail shoe spectrum while offering plenty of features.
  • For Wider Feet: For the first time in this series, widths are available. We will be carrying 2E widths in men’s sizes.
  • Serious Style: For the footballers among us, you’ll be forgiven if you think this shoe looks a little bit like a soccer cleat. The shoe designers were inspired by the flexibility, low profile, and lateral support of soccer shoe uppers.

New Balance MT110 Men's Shoe (Outsole View)

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