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Mizuno Wave Musha 5 Sneak Peek

August 3rd, 2012

Mizuno Wave Musha 5 Women's Running Shoe

Mizuno’s supportive performance offering is back in its 5th iteration. Fans of the previous version of the Musha will still have plenty to like in the Musha 5. The midsole of the Musha 4 is retained, so expect the same responsive and bouncy ride to be offered in this update. The upper gets a few notable changes, including a decrease in the number of overlays and a change in the overlay material. These updates are set to reduce the shoe’s weight to 7.4 oz in a Men’s size 9 and 6.2 oz in a Women’s size 8 (as measured by Running Warehouse).

What to Watch For

  • New Overlay Material: Gone are the shimmering overlays, replaced with a soft suede-like material fabricated from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Weight Decrease: We weighed the Men’s Musha 2 and 3 at 7.8 oz. The latest Musha came in for us at 8.5 oz, so the expected drop to 7.4 oz while still using the same platform is a pretty big deal.
  • Carryover Platform: The well-received mid/outsole combination of the Musha 4 returns unchanged in this update.

Launch Date
January 2013


Men’s Color
Green/Anthracite/Lime Wave Musha 5

Women’s Color
Blue/Electric/Zinnia Wave Musha 5

Mizuno Wave Musha 5 Men's Running Shoe

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Mizuno Spring 2010 Footwear – No PR, Lots of Sales

July 27th, 2009

Mizuno is probably the envy of many brands within running shoe industry.  Mizuno does virtually no advertising yet they remain one of the top brands year in and year out not by promotion, but primarily through a clear focus on their product. They make shoes each season that are consistent in road feel and fit so customers know what to expect.  The cosmetics are generally well done with top quality materials and construction techniques used throughout adding to the perceived value of the shoes.  Mizuno has a well earned reputation among experienced runners for providing shoes that perform well with little fanfare or hype, just solid shoes using proven technologies with little in the way of over the top changes each season.

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