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Mizuno Wave Musha 4 – Our Take

February 4th, 2012

Mizuno Wave Musha 4 Men's Running Shoe

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The Musha 4 bulks up a bit and improves midsole for extra bounce. Still tops for slight overpronators who want a versatile racing shoe.
(View Men’s Musha 4 and Women’s Musha 4.)

Runners Say

“These are majorly flexible and springy, especially for a Mizuno product. I wasn’t expecting the level of comfort this shoe delivers.” – Joanna

“The green and red colors, combined with a comfortable upper and silky smooth transition, make it Christmas every day you put the Musha 4’s on your feet.” – Matt

“This shoe compares well with the DS Trainer, but for me the arch was just a bit too high and felt like it was positioned a little too far back in the shoe.” – Daniel

Big Updates

  • Women’s Model: The Musha 4 is the first version of the Musha series to have a dedicated Women’s design, shaped for a woman’s foot and in the standard B width for women.
  • Increased Weight: The Men’s model has gone from 7.8 oz to 8.5 oz (Men’s 9). Still, the Musha is light on the scale and more importantly feels light on the foot.
  • Greater Responsiveness: Mizuno upgraded the Musha 4 to their AP+ midsole technology, which is designed to provide better bounce without adding much weight.

Road Test

All male testers reported finding a comfortable fit as soon as they laced up the Musha 4. The story was much different for our female testers. Joanna first picked out her regular size in the Women’s version, only to find them much too small. Once she and another female tester sized up a 1/2 size, they were able to fit properly in the shoe, but still didn’t feel entirely comfortable. Both staffers said the shoe has a low-volume midfoot and narrow forefoot, combined with a heel that felt a little loose. That said, once they got the shoe moving, they both loved its smooth transition and responsiveness.

In fact, the responsive midsole received universal praise. It’s pretty impressive that Mizuno was able to make such a flexible and springy shoe that offers a bit of cushion in this weight class. The AP+ midsole technology provides some extra bounce compared to the already springy step in the Musha 3.

Outside of the fit concerns in the Women’s version, few complaints were heard. Daniel noted that the midsole felt a touch too high on the lateral arch, but still said he would be comfortable using the shoe for road races, mile repeats or even as a weekly tempo trainer. We expect the Musha 4 to continue in the 3’s footsteps, competing well with the upcoming Asics Gel DS Racer 9 (Men’s DS Racer 9 and Women’s DS Racer 9).

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Mizuno Racing Flat Update for Spring 2011

July 26th, 2010

Mizuno has always had a reputation for producing footwear that appeals to competitive runners.  Their products have outstanding attention to detail, their materials and construction quality are some of the best in the industry and the fit and feel of the shoes scream “go faster!”  For Spring 2011, Mizuno sets its sights on tweaking two of the industry’s best received racing flats, the Mizuno Wave Musha 2 and the Mizuno Wave Ronin 2 with the third generation of each.

The Mizuno Wave Musha 2 has a great following.  Lightweight and responsive while delivering a touch of support, this model has proven to be one of the best sellers in the category for us.  The shoe has proven so successful that Mizuno has decided to leave it largely untouched. The updated model for Spring ’11 offers the addition of two welded overlays in the forefoot to snug up the fit a bit.  The only other change is the new color.  The midsole, outsole carry over so the ride and performance remain the same as the current model which is a good thing.  Overall, the Wave Musha 3 is a very cool looking update that should definitely perform as well as the current model.

Mizuno Wave Musha 3

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