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Mizuno Wave Rider 15 – First Look

August 18th, 2011

Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Women's Shoe (1 of 3 colors for December 2011)

In attempt to improve the fit of the Mizuno Rider series, Mizuno made several upper adjustments with the introduction of the Wave Rider 14. As a result of the fit changes, many Rider loyalists became alienated with the Rider 14 and some have gone to a different shoe. While the Waver Ride 14 still sells in large numbers Mizuno needed to make some fit tweaks to maintain and regain its loyal followers.

With the Wave Rider 15, Mizuno has reverted back to  most of their previous fit components. Gone is the lateral lace tab and the ankle/achiiles collar has been lowered to match the height of the Waver Rider 13. Additionally, the eye-row stays are back to being parallel. This new “old” fit should get previous Rider wearers to come back to the 15th version.

Two other changes for the Rider 15 are the addition of flex controllers to the forefoot outsole and the Wave Plate has been moved slightly higher within the midsole. Flex controllers  work with flex grooves to improve efficiency at the latest stage of toe-off and were introduced via the Wave Creation  12. The slightly higher position of the Wave Plate within the AP+ misdsole should make the shoe landing a tad more forgiving, but since this is a Mizuno shoe, the ride is expected remain on the firmer side and feature a smooth heel to toe transition.

It may not be readily known yet, but most running shoe prices across all brands are increasing with the 2012 models. The Waver Rider 15 will have an MSRP of $115. Reported sample weights have the Men’s size 9.0 at 10.6oz and the Women’s  size 7.0 at 8.7oz. In addition to three colors being available for each gender in December,  a limited edition color commemorating the 15th anniversary of the wave Rider 15 will be available in November.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Men's Shoe (1 of 3 colors for December 2011)

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Mizuno Spring 2010 Footwear – No PR, Lots of Sales

July 27th, 2009

Mizuno is probably the envy of many brands within running shoe industry.  Mizuno does virtually no advertising yet they remain one of the top brands year in and year out not by promotion, but primarily through a clear focus on their product. They make shoes each season that are consistent in road feel and fit so customers know what to expect.  The cosmetics are generally well done with top quality materials and construction techniques used throughout adding to the perceived value of the shoes.  Mizuno has a well earned reputation among experienced runners for providing shoes that perform well with little fanfare or hype, just solid shoes using proven technologies with little in the way of over the top changes each season.

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