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K-Swiss Blade-Light

December 18th, 2009

K-Swiss is a very successful tennis company looking to crack the running market.  The challenge for K-Swiss is how to go from being a tennis company trying to sell shoes in the running market to becoming an authentic technical running specialty shoe brand.  A key factor in K-Swiss’ favor is a loyal fan base, those who have worn K-Swiss footwear products from other categories tend to like K-Swiss.  The other big plus is funding.  K-Swiss has a sizable war-chest to go after the running market and be able to stick with their vision for quite some time.  Add to this, K-Swiss Running is being led by a solid group of industry veterans with enough experience to get the job done.  The pieces are in place for K-Swiss to take a stab at the market and be serious about it.

K-Swiss Blade-Light Run for Men

K-Swiss Blade-Light Run for Men

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