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The Best Running Shoes for High Arches

March 19th, 2013

When you say "high arch," what do you mean?

Runners frequently ask us, “What are the best running shoes for people with high arches?” The answer really depends on what you mean by “high arches.”

In many cases, runners who don’t overpronate are told they have high arches regardless of their actual arch structure. “High arches” is used in this sense to mean that their arches don’t lengthen enough while running to cause overpronation. If this describes you, a pair of neutral running shoes would suit you best. If you don’t know if you overpronate or not, get a free online gait analysis from us.

If you actually have a high arch structure, you may like the feel of a substantial and supportive arch under your foot. Or, runners with high arches may instead prefer a more minimal shoe that allows for strengthening of the arch and the muscles in the foot.

PROFILE 1: I have “high arches,” meaning I need a neutral running shoe.

Neutral running shoes are built for the runner who doesn’t overpronate. A traditional neutral trainer will offer no pronation control while giving you plenty of impact protection. Below are just a few popular models we carry. You can also use our Experienced Shoe Finder for Men or Experienced Shoe Finder for Women to see all neutral shoes we currently offer in your size.

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