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Shoes for Wet Weather

November 29th, 2012

At some point (some more than others), every runner will encounter a rainy day. While any ordinary being will opt out of outdoor activity when the storm clouds loom overhead, us runners have a different agenda, and it’s likely to include getting a little wet.

A regular question we receive here at the ‘house is what shoes are best for when the sky intends on dumping rain or snow upon us. In most cases, the shoes you already have and love will suffice. Stuffing your shoes full of newspaper following your run can help them dry, and a second pair could come in handy here if your shoes just don’t dry quickly enough.

That said, there are a few considerations that you might not want to overlook when running in not-so-dry conditions in order to ensure a safer and more pleasurable run.


It’s no secret that rain brings slick surfaces. Fortunately, many shoes provide ample traction even on wet roads. When selecting a shoe for rainy conditions, look for a combination of sticky carbon and blown rubber in the outsole to help prevent your run from turning into a slip and slide.

In colder climates, wet conditions can include snow and ice, which should be considered when choosing a shoe. Shoes with a lugged sticky rubber outsole such as the Salomon XT S-Lab 5 Softground will provide traction in most snowy runs. For more extreme conditions, a spiked shoe such as the Salomon Spikecross CS can provide the grip you need on snow and ice.

Waterproofing/Water Resistance

For runners who prefer to keep their feet dry, water resistant or waterproof upper technologies are available on special versions of many of your already-faved shoe models. Nike’s Shield collection (view Men’s and Women’s) takes several popular offerings and applies a DWR  (Durable Water Repellent) coating, designed to slow the rate of water entering the shoe. In addition, many companies offer Gore-Tex versions of their most popular shoes, like the Asics GT-2000 GTX (view Men’s and Women’s) or the Brooks Ghost GTX (view Men’s and Women’s). It should be noted that though water resistant or waterproof technologies such as DWR or Gore-Tex are marketed as breathable, they do tend to hold heat, and are therefore not ideal for use in warmer climates.

Moisture Management

If it isn’t cold enough to run in a water resistant or waterproof shoe, as counter-intuitive as it may sound, a shoe with an thin and airy, open mesh upper material may be your best bet. The open mesh of shoes like the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 (view Men’s and Women’s) or the Saucony Triumph 10 (view Men’s and Women’s) will hold less water and allow for moisture to drain out of the shoe, resulting in a less slushy experience and a more enjoyable run.

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GORE Running Wear

July 28th, 2011


GORE Running Wear has had great success in Europe, and it is now charging full-force onto American shores. Top-notch and innovative, just like the original GORE-TEX fabric, the 2011 GORE Running Line boasts excellence. Building on 30 years of experience with everything from astronaut suits to medical products and rainwear, GORE as an overarching brand has consistently earned the title “best-in-class”. Thus, this Fall’s GORE Running line is unlikely to disappoint.

Through extensive product testing both in the lab and outdoors, GORE provides impressive running designs and unparalleled weather-protection. The X-RUNNING AS Jacket (pictured above) is a stellar representation of this.  It has striking lines, a totally unrestricting fit and WINDSTOPPER protective fabric, making it “a lifesaver for all long distance runners” who face windy and weathered conditions (GORE).  Another stand-out piece to be on the lookout for this fall is the one-of-a-kind ¾ length waterproof short – the AIR GT AS Short. Uniquely designed with GORE-TEX’s triple-laminate fabric, it can provide ultimate protection from downpour and an ideal length for running in warmer, rainy climates. Even with more “basic” products like tights and tops, GORE demonstrates exceptional attention to detail and fit.

Additionally, the GORE Running accessory selection is all about quality. For example, GORE’s X-RUNNING Gloves provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio in the industry. They utilize a cutting edge design and WINDSTOPPER barrier, providing essential protection in a sleek, non-restricting fit. In addition, the Mythos Socks and the AIR Socks are products worthy of note; they have fantastic fabric, a great fit and obvious quality.

An array of GORE Running Wear apparel and accessory items will be available at Running Warehouse beginning in October 2011.

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