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Elemental Footwear: 2013 Running Trend

January 25th, 2013

Today, running footwear goes well beyond traditional, cushioned daily trainers. The minimalist footwear movement came on with a vengeance in 2010-11, and some minimalist runners continue to swear by stripped-down, bare bones shoes that give them an über close to the ground feel.

For runners who want something a little more streamlined than a traditional trainer without going “barefoot,” elemental footwear is where it’s at for 2013. But what exactly is an elemental shoe? Think lower weight, lower offsets, and a platform that sits closer to the ground compared to a traditional running shoe. Some examples are the Brooks PureFlow 2 (View Men’s / View Women’s) and Saucony Kinvara (View Men’s / View Women’s). These shoes have low heel-to-toe offsets, but still offer a decent amount of cushioning.

This year we expect further growth in the elemental shoe category, along with the introduction of a few new models like the Saucony Virrata (View Men’s / View Women’s). The Virrata is part of the “zero drop with cushion” story that we’re seeing from several manufacturers.

Are you ridin’ in elemental shoes? What do you think of this trend?

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Running Trend: Footwear Color Craze

January 14th, 2013

In 2012 we kicked off the year with a few of our predictions for 2012 running trends, and we’re back to try our hand at trend-predicting again. First up: fantastical footwear colors! In 2012 we saw a spectrum of hues in nearly every color imaginable. But from what we’ve seen for both Spring and Fall 2013, this year footwear manufacturers are going to up the color ante even more. Here are some trends to look for:

Color on Color

We’ve seen bright shades on shoes for months now, but running footwear manufacturers are going to keep combining colors in creative and bold ways this year. Fuchsia and lime? Sure. Indigo with chartreuse and a dash of red? Why not. As you can see on the Salomon Speedcross 3 above, we think that this year, anything goes when it comes to color pairings.

Color Blocks

We’re also seeing a lot of shoes that are all (or nearly all) one bold color. The green Salomon XR Mission and salmon colored Nike LunarGlide 4 shown above are good examples of this trend.


You’ll be seeing more than just splashes of color on the footwear of 2013. Expect to see designs that incorporate a wide range of shapes and patterns to add greater visual depth to running shoes. Check out the orange Brooks PureFlow 2 above. The woven mesh upper creates a 3D look, accentuated by the fade pattern of the material.

If you’re the type of runner who likes to make a bold statement with your footwear, we think 2013 will be the perfect year for you.

Stay tuned for our next 2013 running trend prediction later this week!

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Brooks PureFlow 2 Sneak Peek

May 30th, 2012

The PureFlow 2 carries over the midsole and outsole of the original PureFlow, with a new upper featuring asymmetrical lacing. MSRP will be $100.00.

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Men's PureFlow2. The Nav Band (in white) has been tightened from the prior model.

Men's PureFlow 2. Black/Green colorway also available at January 2013 launch.

Women's PureFlow 2. Same midsole/outsole, fresh take on the upper.

Women's PureFlow 2. Black/Nightlife (greenish yellow) also available at January 2013 launch.

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