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Elemental Footwear: 2013 Running Trend

January 25th, 2013

Today, running footwear goes well beyond traditional, cushioned daily trainers. The minimalist footwear movement came on with a vengeance in 2010-11, and some minimalist runners continue to swear by stripped-down, bare bones shoes that give them an ├╝ber close to the ground feel.

For runners who want something a little more streamlined than a traditional trainer without going “barefoot,” elemental footwear is where it’s at for 2013. But what exactly is an elemental shoe? Think lower weight, lower offsets, and a platform that sits closer to the ground compared to a traditional running shoe. Some examples are the Brooks PureFlow 2 (View Men’s / View Women’s) and Saucony Kinvara (View Men’s / View Women’s). These shoes have low heel-to-toe offsets, but still offer a decent amount of cushioning.

This year we expect further growth in the elemental shoe category, along with the introduction of a few new models like the Saucony Virrata (View Men’s / View Women’s). The Virrata is part of the “zero drop with cushion” story that we’re seeing from several manufacturers.

Are you ridin’ in elemental shoes? What do you think of this trend?

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Brooks Pure Project Spring ’13 Sneak Peek

May 30th, 2012

Change is a-comin’ to the Brooks Pure line, launching updated versions in January 2013. All the current Pure shoes – the Connect, Flow, Cadence and Grit – receive new upper designs, and the Grit also gets a new outsole. This means that if you liked the feel of the platform in your original Pure shoe, you should feel right at home in the new models.

The biggest news is the addition of a fifth Pure model – the PureDrift. The Drift is all about maximizing ground feel, and even though it comes with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop like all the other Pure shoes, its sockliner is removable and once removed brings the Drift down to a 0mm offset.

Check the pics above for more info on each model and tell us what you think of the new designs!

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