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Brooks Fall 2010 – Neutral Cushioning Anyone?

December 31st, 2009

Time was when Brooks was known as a motion control company and the Beast defined the company.  Along came the Adrenaline GTS line which opened the brand up to more runners, but the Adrenaline offers up some serious support which did little to alter the perception of Brooks as a company for over-pronators.  Then something happened.  Maybe it was Berkshire-Hathaway’s investment that forced the company to look up and see that there are all kinds of runners out there to sell products to.  Under-pronators, over-pronators and everyone in between can and should be your customers.  Well they should be if the CEO of your parent company is listed by Forbes as one of the wealthiest man on the planet.  Warren Buffet seems like a nice guy, but you gotta figure no matter how nice he appears, he still needs to see a serious ROI from his holdings which basing your profit largely on motion control and support shoes while leaving the neutral cushioning crowd largely untapped is not the best strategy to have for long term growth.  Better to expand the consumer base with greater product offerings.

The Updated Brooks Beast and Ariel due out Fall of 10

The Updated Brooks Beast and Ariel due out Fall of '10

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Brooks Cascadia 5 and Defyance 3 Just Arrived

December 11th, 2009

The newest updates on two of the most popular models from Brooks; the Cascadia 5 and the Defyance 3 have just arrived at RW.  The Brooks Cascadia 5 looks a lot better in production than I remember the pre-production samples looking.  It probably has little to do with the shoe and everything to do with the vision of the author.  This newest Cascadia should continue to appeal to a large cross section of trail runners and continue it’s dominance as the #1 trail shoe on the market.  We have two colors in the men’s and women’s versions.

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Men in Pavement

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Men in Green

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Women in Java

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Women in Port

The Defyance 3 is a modest update to the popular Defyance 2.  Essentially a neutral version of the Adrenaline GTS 9, this model will not disappoint those who’ve come to rely on this model.

Brooks Defyance 3 for Men

Brooks Defyance 3 for Women

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