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How to Choose a Headlamp

October 23rd, 2012

A Few Key Features to Look for in a Headlamp

It’s late October, and many of you are already logging early am or post-work miles in the dark. If you’re planning to keep your runs going strong even though you have fewer daylight hours to work with, you’ll need some illumination, and a headlamp can be a great option. Read on to learn key features, and check the end of the post for some top picks.

How much light do you need?

Of course, a headlamp must have enough light for your activity and environment. And if your runs have you spending many hours in the dark, you want a light that will stay bright throughout.

Intensity – Lumens

While you may be more familiar with watts (a measurement of energy usage that appears on your bulbs at home), headlamp light is measured in lumens. Lumens measure the brightness of a light at its source, not the amount of energy it uses. A headlamp that maxes out at 40 or 50 lumens can offer plenty of light for a night run on city streets, while tackling trails in the deep woods could require a lamp that can produce 100+ lumens for adequate visibility.

Duration – Battery Life and Burn Time

The light output for most headlamps will gradually decrease as battery life decreases. But some headlamps are designed to provide steady light that only dims slightly over the duration of the battery life. These headlamps with ‘regulated light output’ offer the advantage of consistent lighting, but beware: the light will cut out abruptly when your batteries run out of juice. If you make sure to slot in a fresh set of batteries before heading out, you should be fine with either light type for at least 8-10 hours. Read more…

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New Brands at Running Warehouse

November 20th, 2009

With the Holidays fast approaching I’m working hard to expand our Accessory offerings so you can make us a one-stop-shop for all your gift needs. Our trip to Austin for the Running Event provided me with a glimpse of several new lines I am rushing to bring into the store. The biggest area of expansion is with our compression line. ¬†When it comes to arm sleeves, calf sleeves, and socks we are looking to provide a wide range of offerings. Already in stock are new items from Zensah, CEP, RecoFIT and Vitalsox. Most of these will be up on the site in the next 3-4 days so check it out.

An additional arm sleeve brand we will be brining in over the next couple of weeks are Moeben arm sleeves. I’ve had mine since 2007 and wore them for the entire distance of the San Diego 100 mile race this past June. Nothing but comfort. And if your tired of black, white and grey wait till you see the Argyle, Flame or Tye Dye patterns.

Also showing up in the next week will be a full assortment of running headlamps from Black Diamond. With the short days of winter in full force, proper lighting is even more important. We will carry the full running line from the compact Wiz to the sturdy Sprinter.

And finally, our watch line now includes Soleus watches. A new brand in the sport, Soleus watches offer 3 lines to choose from, the 262, the 131, and the 10k (just the names show they are dedicated to the runner) along with 2 basic heart rate monitors, the Surge and Surge X.

And those are just some of the items I have on the truck heading our way. More to come, so check back soon.

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