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Hi-Viz Running Apparel: 2013 Running Trend

January 29th, 2013

Even though it’s staying lighter outside, we’re still bundling up when we head out to run. It’s hard to think all the way to next Fall, but every year around October, the auburn hued trees tell us the season is a-changin’. That’s our cue to start looking around for high-visibility apparel for those dark mornings and evenings. This year, Fall is going to bring a few twists in the high visibility run apparel department.

Out with the Bold?

For the past couple of years, we’ve seen visibility apparel in bright, bold Highlighter-esque colors that really make you stand out. We’re not saying those options are going away (so don’t fret if they’re your winter running fave), but this year manufacturers will combine the safety aspects of hi-viz apparel with more fashion forward designs.

Fashionable Flair

The Asics Lite Show apparel from last Fall gave us a taste of what will come later in 2013. We’ll see vendors pairing hi-viz colors with fashion colors on garments for fall. Look for bright hits of color teamed with quieter fashion colors. Vendors will apply a ‘less-is-more’ philosophy to their visibility apparel, turning it into something you can wear from the track to your coffee date after your workout.

Techno Craze

Also keep your eyes out for cutting-edge use of alternative methods to increase visibility in lower light settings. Innovative uses of reflective threads and fabrics in strategic places on garments will be an alternative to extremely bright colorways. Last Fall, we saw a few garments like the Men’s Saucony VIZiPRO Sonic HDX Jacket / Women’s Saucony VIZiPRO Sonic HDX Jacket with integrated LED light components, and we expect technology like this from more manufacturers in Fall 2013.

What’s your hi-viz flavor? Bright and bold, or more subtle?

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Asics Lite Show Apparel

September 18th, 2012

Your evening training run probably won’t find you in a digital world fighting evil, but this “TRON”-looking apparel line from Asics will equip you to tackle your night run in greater safety.

Many runners have trusted Asics for their go-to running essentials for years, but this season the brand has introduced some serious “wow” with their Lite Show line, a revolution in visibility-focused apparel. The collection offers the technical features you look for in running apparel – wicking fabrics, ergonomic flatlock seams, mesh in key sweat zones – and then steps it up a notch in the reflectivity department with reflective stitching and trim.

The strategic placement of these reflective elements results in 360-degree reflectivity and a fast, flashy aesthetic. Many of the reflective seamlines are placed on parts of the body that are in motion when running (like the sleeves of tops and the outer legs of pants), which helps drivers see you from farther away. Want to learn more? Watch a Lite Show Video showing the apparel in motion.

Gear up and get out to run…or to fight malevolent characters in a digital domain. Your choice.

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