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Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 Sneak Peek

August 5th, 2013

Asics Gel Hyper Speed 6 Men's Shoe

Let’s just get straight to the good stuff: The Asics Gel Hyper Speed is back from the grave in the U.S. market.

Around a year after the sudden disappearance of the popular racing flat from Asics’ lineup – a move that left a non-refillable void in the hearts of many runners – the storied shoe is slated for a grand reemergence. In fact, those who caught Ryan Hall running alongside a couple humanoid US flags and a Jim Harbaugh wannabe at Bay to Breakers earlier this year may have already gotten a glimpse of the shoe.

This versatile racer benefits from some of the latest Asics technologies in this update, and we think it looks better than ever. Let’s just say that the Hyper Speed 6 took a little extra time to come about, but the results should be well worth it.

What to Watch For

  • Seamless Upper: The use of welded overlays minimizes stitching within the shoe to reduce friction on the foot and subsequent blistering and discomfort.
  • Gender Specific Versions: Rather than going with a Unisex offering as they’ve done in the past, Asics will produce the Hyper Speed 6 in both Men’s and Women’s versions.
  • Weight Loss: We measured the Men’s model at a mere 5.6 oz for a size 9 (down from 7.0 oz for the previous version), while a Women’s size 7 came in at 4.5 oz.


Release Date
January 2014
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Asics Gel NoosaFAST Sneak Peek

September 12th, 2012

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Men's Running Shoe

What do you call a shoe that’s a little bit Aussie, a little bit Rasta, and a whole lot speedy? Asics calls it the Gel NoosaFAST. This shoe replaces the Gel Hyper Speed 5, a pretty spectacular racing flat that will be missed. (On a side note, check out our sale on the Hyper Speed 5 if you’re looking to stock up before they’re all gone.)

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Outsole View (Note Drainage in Forefoot)

So what’s the deal with this flashy new model? The NoosaFAST is an entirely new design that drops nearly a half ounce from the Hyper Speed 5 (according to published weights from Asics), and is built with a low 6mm offset. Plus, there’s a Women’s model on tap for all you speedy ladies out there.

What to Watch For

  • Light Weight: According to Asics, the Men’s NoosaFAST checks in at 6.6 oz (size 9), with the Women’s model at 5.3 oz (size 8).
  • Ready to Race: Take these on your next 5K, 10K or beyond, or pop in the included elastic laces and ace your next triathlon outing.
  • Tri-Specific Features: Other triathlon-ready features include grips on the heel and tongue, no-sew construction, and drainage holes in the front of the shoe.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Flame/Black/Yellow NoosaFAST

Women’s Colors
Hot Pink/Black/Electric Blue NoosaFAST
Pink/Orange/Yellow Blue NoosaFAST

Asics Gel NoosaFAST Women's Running Shoe (Note Elastic Laces)

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