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Asics 33 Version 2 Sneak Peeks

August 22nd, 2012

The first generation of Asics 33 shoes has extended the brand, finding a following of runners seeking performance-oriented trainers with some style. The second generation of the Gel-Blur33, the shoe that launched the collection, has already been released. Following hot on its heels are updates to several other 33 models, set to arrive for the Spring ’13 season.

Gel-Excel33 2

Asics Gel-Excel33 2 Men's Running Shoe

The neutral cushioning trainer of the 33 lineup is back with a full redesign of the upper and mid/outsole. A new flex groove pattern is designed to give you more flexibility from heel to toe, and the forefoot gel unit has been removed to reduce weight. Asics claims weights of 9.8 oz (Men’s size 9) and 7.9 oz (Women’s Size 8).


Launch Date
December 2012

Men’s Colors
Red/Black/Lime Gel-Excel33 2
Titanium/Lightning/Orange Gel-Excel33 2

Women’s Colors
Black/Pink/Turquoise Gel-Excel33 2
Titanium/White/Turquoise Gel-Excel33 2

Gel-Neo33 2

Asics Gel-Neo33 2 Men's Running Shoe

This update to the minimum-support trainer in the 33 collection sports a new upper featuring Asics’ Mono-Sock construction to offer you a (you guessed it) sock-like fit. The platform is carried over from the first generation Gel-Neo33, so you can expect the same smooth and responsive ride. Asics reports weights of 10.2 oz (Men’s size 9) and 8.5 oz (Women’s size 8).


Release Date
December 2012

Men’s Color
Titanium/Lightning/Lime Gel-Neo33 2

Women’s Color
Titanium/Silver/Pink Gel-Neo33 2

Gel-Lyte33 2

Asics Gel-Lyte33 2 Men's Running Shoe

Utilizing what it learned from the first generation Gel-Lyte33, Asics designed the Gel-Lyte33 2 for better alignment and movement with the joints in the foot, resulting in increased flexibility from heel to toe. Asics has published weights of 8.5 oz (Men’s size 9) and 7.0 oz (Women’s size 8).


Launch Date
March 2013

Men’s Color
Black/Lime/Red Gel-Lyte33 2

Women’s Colors
Black/Pink/White Gel-Lyte33 2
Raspberry/Lime/White Gel-Lyte33 2

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Asics Gel Excel33 – Our Take

January 12th, 2012

Asics Gel Excel33

The 33 collection by Asics is fast expanding (the Instinct33 trail shoe comes out in less than a month), so as fast as Asics keeps servin’ ‘em up, we’re going to keep reviewin’ ‘em.

Our Tweet

Giving more bounce without much more ounce, Asics Gel Excel33 is in essence a Blur33 with more cushioning technology.
(View the Men’s Excel33 and Women’s Excel33.)

The Backstory

As a quick reminder, the 33 collection is all about lighter weight, flexible shoes that are durable enough for high-mileage training. The Excel33 slots in as a moderate-feature, cushiony shoe for the neutral runner.

Road Test

The Excel has one of the best heel-to-toe transitions we’ve experienced from the 33 line so far. We chalk that up to a nice balance of heel and forefoot Gel cushioning. If anything, the Gel cushioning may feel just a teeny bit too much in the forefoot, which gives you the impression of sitting more level than the 10mm drop would suggest.

Asics touts the ability to customize the fit of the Excel, with the heel clutching system and Personal Heel Fit (PHF) memory foam collar. Most of our testers felt that their heel wasn’t “clutched” enough, and if anything there was a bit too much room in the heel that could cause some unwanted lateral movement. However, the heel collar prevented slippage that would tend to cause Achilles rubbing over time.

The heel fit was in contrast to the fit of the rest of the shoe, which is a little more cozy than traditional Asics models and similar to that of the Gel Blur33. It’s certainly not a tight shoe, but plan on an upper that makes its presence felt, providing structure and keeping you fastened to the midsole.

Hey…Weight a Minute!

One thing we’ve noticed on both the Excel33 and Gel Neo33 shoes is that our weight measurements have come in somewhat heavier than those reported by Asics for both the Men’s and Women’s versions. Asics claims a 9.9 oz weight for the Men’s size 9, but we recorded a weight of 10.8 oz. On the Women’s side, Asics claims 7.9 oz for the Women’s size 7. We measured 8.6 oz. We hope the published weights for future 33 releases are closer to our actual measurements.

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Introducing Asics 33

December 29th, 2011

OK, so we kinda dropped the ball on announcing this one. Things have been a little hectic since the first Asics 33 shoe, the Gel Blur33, went up on our site in September. But now we’re going to do this line justice with a formal intro.

You’ve probably seen the ping-pong ball TV commercial (if not, check it out here) and might have noticed when we first posted the Blur33 for sale on our site. The 33 line is named after the 33 joints in the foot, the idea being that this shoe helps to create more natural movement from foot strike through toe-off.

But we have to stop you if you think Asics has gone minimal. Nope. The 33 line is all about responsive, performance-oriented footwear that puts a little more life in your stride. Expect more road feel, better bounce and a huggy fit, along with strategic use of the Asics cushioning you know and love.

The 33 collection currently comes in 3 flavors. The Gel Blur33 is ideal for a neutral runner who wants both cushion and a closer connection to the road during faster runs and races. For a daily trainer with a nice mix of rebound and plushness, the Gel Excel33 adds several features to the neutral platform, including forefoot gel cushioning and a Propulsion Trusstic System for improved toe-off efficiency. The Gel Neo33 adds a bit of pronation control and has a rare combination of being forgiving on impact while delivering a good feel for the road.

Asics Gel Excel33 Men's Shoes

Blur33 Fast Facts
(See all Men’s and Women’s Colors)

Pronation Control: Neutral
Weight: 10.3 oz (Men) / 8.8 oz (Women)
Heel-To-Toe: 10mm
Key Features: Solyte Midsole Material, Rearfoot GEL Cushioning, ComforDry Sockliner

Excel33 Fast Facts
(See all Men’s and Women’s Colors)

Pronation Control: Neutral
Weight: 10.8 oz (Men) / 9.0 oz (Women)
Heel-To-Toe: 10mm
Key Features: Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.), Solyte and SpEVA Midsole Materials, Propulsion Trusstic, Front and Rear GEL Cushioning

Asics Gel Neo33 Men's Shoes

Neo33 Fast Facts
(See all Men’s and Women’s Colors)

Pronation Control: Minimum Support
Weight: 11.5 oz (Men) / 10.0 oz (Women)
Heel-To-Toe: 9mm
Key Features: Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.), DuoMax Support System, Front and Rear GEL Cushioning

What’s Next
Need something to look forward to? More styles in the 33 collection are on the way around mid-year 2012. Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the Gel Lyte33 and Gel Blur33 2.0 – some lighter weight models we’re particularly excited about.

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