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Brooks Footwear Spring 2010

June 16th, 2009

Our Brooks rep Scott Young came in to show us the spring 2010 lineup of Brooks shoes this past week and the overall impression was very good for the updated models.

First up was the Glycerin 8.  This was a great improvement over the Glycerin 7 and features Brooks’ new DNA cushioning system.  DNA is a liquid compound that responds differently based on the force applied to it.  Unlike standard midsole materials who’s energy return decreases as force increases, DNA works in reverse.  Energy return increases as the impact force increases.  For instance DNA would be much softer when a runner is going at a slow pace versus that same runner running at a fast pace where it would provide greater rebound.  A very cool concept.  The graphics on the new Glycerin 8 are much more contemporary and modern, particular when compared with past editions of the Glycerin which were pretty conservative cosmetically.   Kara took a pair for a spin and declared the fit and road feel super.

The new Brooks Glycerin 8 for men.

The new Brooks Glycerin 8 for men.

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