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Adidas Supernova Adapt

May 21st, 2010
adidas Supernova Adapt for Women

adidas Supernova Adapt for Women

For more than a decade the Adidas Supernova Classic has been one of the most cherished and popular running models for 3 stripes.  Season after season this model has led sales for the brand.  The interesting thing is that as much as people say they want their favorite shoes to remain unchanged, sales tend to fall off for popular models that don’t tweak things every season to keep things fresh.  The only models that have been able to maintain a solid volume of sales every year while remaining largely unchanged are the adidas Supernova Classic and another Adidas model, the Brevard.  For a shoe to remain largely unchanged and be a sales leader in a technical field such as running specialty for a major brand for over a decade is a testament to how good this shoe was and how strong the following has been.

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