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Adidas Adizero Hagio – Our Take

March 22nd, 2012

Adidas adiZero Hagio Men's Running Shoe

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The Adidas Hagio is a racing flat that doesn’t mess around – it just delivers wins with its featherweight, flexible ride.

Big Features

  • Light & Durable: Just 6.1 oz in a Men’s size 9, the Hagio features a high-strength mesh upper and adiWear carbon rubber for long-lasting grip and traction.
  • Well Cushioned: adiPRENE cushioning keeps this shoe comfortable and provides a responsive toe-off.

Road Test

Though the Hagio is considered a replacement for the much-loved adizero Rocket, it’s really the adizero Pro reborn. It’s nearly an ounce lighter than the Rocket and feels much more stripped-down than that shoe. But don’t worry, the responsive ride that gave the Rocket such a fast feel is alive and well in the Hagio. “Like butta” is the best way to describe the shoe’s smooth transition.

The Hagio is a case in point for anyone claiming that you can run fast and remain comfortable. Elite runners will cover the marathon in this shoe, but for most runners this is an ideal shoe for 3K to half marathon distances.

One surprising feature of the Hagio is how grippy its outsole is, particularly in the forefoot. This is a big help at speed, giving you confident traction at toe-off. It’s also a nice feature to help you feel reassured if race day conditions are on the rainy side. We like the highly breathable mesh on the upper, and the fact that you can easily wear this shoe sockless without getting blisters all over the place.

So is this the perfect racing flat? Well, not quite. Out of the box, the laces are laced “backwards,” making them difficult to tighten easily. It’s easy to fix this problem – just undo the laces and string ‘em up correctly. Some testers found the Sprint Web overlays in the midfoot to be too constricting, and others thought the forefoot was a bit too generous.

All told, the Hagio deserves the huge heap of praise it has received since its January 2012 launch and is a big win for Adidas in the lightweight racing flat category.

Runners Say

“No doubt the Hagio feels light, but it didn’t feel quite as fast as I was expecting.” – Daniel

“I can see why so many customers rely on the Hagio come race day. This shoe fits the niche of a lightweight racer to a T.” – Lauren

“One of the best transitions of any running shoe I’ve tried out.” – Matt

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adidas adiZero Hagio – First Look *Update

September 12th, 2011

adidas adiZero Hagio Men's Shoe (Hagio sample with incorrect "Feather" name shown)

Come January 2012, the hugely popular adidas adiZero Rocket will be gone and in its place will be the adiZero Hagio (MSRP $90).

The Hagio carries over the midsole from the adiZero Pro. And with a light weight upper and new outsole, the Hagio is expected be an ounce lighter than the adiZero Rocket. The featherweight upper utilizes vast areas of open mesh for superior breathability and weight reduction. Strategically placed laminated overlays help secure the foot and deliver a sleek appearance.

By stripping away oustole material, the Hagio is more flexible than the Rocket and additional weight savings are found in the outsole design.

All of the standard adidas technologies are still here. Full forefoot ADIPRENE adds durable comfort and provides good rebound for a responsive toe-off. The TORSION SYSTEM maintains structural integrity of the midsole’s midfoot. ADIWEAR provides durable wear at the heel and blown rubber in the forefoot provides added cushioning is light in weight.

Built on a 6mm heel-toe offset, the low-profile Hagio is ideal for faster running and racing. Specified at 6.0 ounces (sample men’s size 9.0), this shoe weighs the same as the Brooks T7 Racer, but should deliver greater durability. Expect this shoe to compete directly with the Asics Hyperspeed 4 and Saucony Type A4 ( the Hyperspeed 5 and Type A5 will be available February 2012).

Of note, the Hagio name  pays homage to the shoe designer of the same name who has had a great influence over the development many adiZero racing shoes.

adidas adiZero Hagio - outsole view (sample shown)

*The original post stated the adiZero Hagio carried over the midsole of the adiZero Rocket. However, the midsole of the Hagio is carried over from the adiZero Pro. The Rocket midsole was derived from the Pro midsole.

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