Funny Race Signs

It can be so inspiring when you’re about to hit a wall to see the person on the sidewalk or family member near the finish line cheering you on. But then there are the people below, who aren’t into the whole “inspiration” thing. No, they just want to give you a laugh as you press on.

What is the most memorable race sign you’ve seen?

  • Eder

    “At least you trained longer than Kim Kardashian marriage.”

  • Marielle

    Best I’ve seen: “Hello complete stranger I’m proud of you too”

  • Ed

    At the St. Jude Marathon in 2007: “You are all Kenyan to me.”

  • jaja26.2

    “If it’s neon, it better be on”

  • Lisa

    “Honey badger never ran a marathon” – San Francisco marathon 2010

  • Sky

    “I’m bored (this is boring)” is a classic. I need to get that printed on a singlet for my next marathon.

  • Matt J

    Attached to a couple trees along the Green Bay Marathon “We’re rooting for you”

  • Jessica

    My son held this sign up for me: “My Mom runs faster than yours.”

  • Dana

    “If a marathon was easy it’d be called ‘your mom’!”

  • Ellen

    At Chicago: “Run like you stole something!”