50 Signs You Are a Runner

Maybe you’ve been a runner since your youth, and now (thousands of miles and dozens of pairs of trainers later) you’re still hooked. Or maybe, you’ve only been a runner for a few years or a few hundred miles. Either way, there are some telltale signs that you’ve given your heart to running. You just might be a runner if…

    • You “accidentally” run on your rest day.
    • You never seem to quite catch up on your laundry pile of running clothes.
    • You have some pretty serious sunglasses tanlines.
    • You have at least one photo of you dripping with sweat on your refrigerator.
    • You’ve been chased by a dog and lived to tell the tale.
    • You’ve had someone scream “run, Forrest, run” at you from a passing car.
    • You run so early that the coffee shops aren’t even open.
    • You judge songs you hear by how motivating they’d be on the run.
    • You’re kind of addicted to your Garmin.
    • You dream about running.
    • You write nastygrams when the manufacturer inevitably changes your favorite shoe.
    • You daydream about the trails while at work.
    • You’ve got one of those race distance bumper stickers on your car.
    • You find yourself gravitating toward hills, just for the challenge.
    • You spend an inordinate percentage of your monthly income on running gear.
    • You get a thrill from plotting your course on MapMyRun.
    • You consider a port-a-potty a luxury.

  • Your cupboards are always well-stocked with pasta, quinoa and oatmeal.
  • Your buddy wants to set you up on a blind date and your first question is, ‘do they run?’
  • You start asking for running gear and gift cards (to the ‘House, of course) as presents.
  • You get up before the birds to fit in a double day workout.
  • It’s too damn hot. You go for a run anyway.
  • It’s too damn cold. You go for a run anyway.
  • You’re a woman who has far more sports bras than regular bras.
  • You know how far you ran without using a map or GPS watch.
  • You don’t think a blackened toenail is all that big a deal.
  • You found a coworker who runs and you nag them regularly about lunch runs.
  • Your next vacation spot was chosen for its great trails.
  • You’ll spend $100 (or more) to race on roads you could run for free.
  • Your friends have pool noodles. You have a foam roller.
  • You’ve had so much sweat in your eyes, you could barely see.
  • The first race you finished was one of the best experiences of your life.
  • The most recent race you finished was one of the best experiences of your life.
  • You look forward to a rainy day so you can bliss out on your run.
  • You hit the golf course frequently, but don’t golf.
  • You compare your latest injuries with other runners.
  • “A good day at work” means you got a run in over lunch.
  • You use the word “only” in front of a mile distance you used to think was far.
  • You don’t run for two days and start to go stir-crazy.
  • You have an opinion about running on concrete vs. pavement.
  • You’ve mastered the subtle nod/wave when you pass other runners.
  • You have a whole stash of ice bags in your freezer.
  • You find yourself gravitating toward running metaphors.
  • You have enough race t-shirts to insulate a small cabin.
  • Icy Hot is your version of perfume/cologne.
  • You’re frequently recruiting friends who don’t run to try and get them hooked.
  • You have fond memories of bygone shoes.
  • Your running gear is the first thing you pack for any trip.
  • You don’t even remember what you did with your free time before you started running.
  • You’ll never give it up until you’re broken.

Alright…your turn. What are some more signs that you’re a runner?

  • http://facebook Linda colley

    Im not awake yet and im pulling on my tights….

  • Amy

    You miss a turn when driving because you’re scoping out new running routes along the way.

  • dennis novak

    you have a running-related bullet point on your resume.

  • http://www.lastseeninbangkok.com Mr domino

    On a romantic weekend break you fit in 10k before dinner

  • Michael Hall

    You just finished a run and are returning home. You see somebody running along the road and wish it was you!

  • http://fb drew kehr

    You’re more upset of missing a run, than missing your favorite TV show… btw, you don’t have a favorite TV show – anymore

  • Teri Lichtenstein

    Your three year old gets a new pair of sneakers and calls them running shoes

  • Austin Michaels

    Family movie night is “Unbreakable” The movie about the Western States 100 trail race.

  • Austin Michaels

    Your state license plate reads “TRL RUNR”

  • http://www.fatgirlturnedrunner.blogspot.com Alison Pollock

    You know what it feels like to use a foam roller, but you do it anyway.

  • Andrea

    #10 You get up before a 6 a.m. flight to Florida just to squeeze in a 3 a.m. hill workout, because they don’t have any there.

  • Joe

    You take pictures of your blisters and share them on Facebook.

  • http://www.fatgirlturnedrunner.blogspot.com Alison Pollock

    To you, “PR” is not only a word, but you use it as a verb.

  • Rich

    You see a steep hill and mutter to yourself, “I’d hit that”

  • Ted Cowles

    After work go to the local ski slope … during the summer.

  • Bret

    You have enough running shoes to use a different shoe every day for at least 2 weeks.

  • Bret

    You measure your runs to the nearest 100th of a mile.

  • Mike D

    Running while it is light out means using a headlamp.

  • Tim Crowe

    Ibuprofen is your recreational drug of choice

  • Bridget Looby

    The organization that you work for is the title sponsor for the coolest and biggest races in the area. Featuring THE best medals (designed by Maxwell Medals

  • Ryan

    You tell co-workers you are going on vacation and they ask which race you are running.

  • s.fuss

    You’ve thought about giving it up, but just can’t bring yourself to go back to your pre-running days.

  • Kate

    Your running clothes are nicer than your date clothes. Your running clothes ARE your date clothes.

  • Tim Barrett

    All family vacations now revolve around some kind of race.

  • http://Stephanlooney.com Stephan Looney

    You realize toenails are not a required body part

  • karch

    You dislike someone because the say i am going for a run in a depressed way

  • biblerunner

    The Doctor tells you to stay in bed, and you say, “But I have a race on Saturday!”

  • Taybor

    You have more pairs of running shoes than you can count on your fingers.

  • http://markoun.com Mark

    You have more friends on Strava than Facebook…

  • Brett

    You measure a distance in meters

  • ian

    >> most of your medals came from running! not from your school!
    >> when in mall, you always go to Toby’s, Chris Sports, Planet Sports, Runnr, all stores that offer new running gears!
    >> your Rest days become Run Days
    >> You’ve tried it on Roads, Oval, Trails and treadmills…
    >> Your closet is full of singlets and finisher’s shirt!
    >> you have lots of runner friends compared to your high school or college friends…
    >> Your love for running have changed you a lot in many ways…
    >> PR, DNF, LSD, T2N, L2Q, RU, QCIM, this are words that are not jargon to you…

  • TJ

    You measure your runs in how much time you have not how far you went