2012 Running Trend Predictions

We got out our crystal ball, gave it a good spit shine, and came up with 10 running trends to watch in 2012. What do you think will be hot in the wide world of running this year?

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1. Olympic Fever

2. Minimalism…with a Twist

3. Streamlined Trail Shoes

4. Record Race Turnout

5. Bold Shoe and Apparel Colors

6. Crazy Races

7. Personal Coaching

8. High-Tech Apparel

9. Fitness Apps

10. Focus on Recovery

  • Ben

    I think that we’ll continue to see with the trend of Streamlined Trail Shoes. The turnout for this year’s crazy races should dictate how much those will continue, but the crossfit crowds seem to like them. Due to the economy, high-tech/cost apparel and gadgets will fizzle out early on and then focus on more of the essentials that still sell well, but for this same reason, we’ll continue to see record race turnout. Maybe these aren’t future predictions so much as current status quo that I think will continue.

  • Susan Gordon

    Good call on all of the above! Personally, I’m stoked about the Olympics, recently bought both streamlined trail shoes and an “elemental” type, and have been drooling over the 2012 colours, got a coach last year, read every review on new high-tech apparel, and have made a concerted effort with the foam roller and post-run recovery drinks. I’ve also been watching our B.C. Athletics blogs closely as the big races are definitely selling out in record time. The 1/2 Corked Marathon in B.C.’s wine region sold out in 3 minutes! I remember when rock concerts used to do that…