Introducing 4 New Salomon Skin Packs

Salomon XA Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set Pack & XT Skin Pro 3 Set Pack

Many trail runners already know about the snug fit and feature-packed versatility of the Salomon XT Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set Pack ($180.00). In addition to offering exceptional comfort, this pack provides over half a dozen different pockets and an advanced bladder system.

With the popularity of the S-Lab 5 Set pack, it was only a matter of time before Salomon would roll out additional models. All of the new models, in addition to our new shipments of the S-Lab 5 Set pack, include a Hydrapak PVC / BPA free 1.5 L bladder.

4 New Salomon Packs

  • XA Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set Pack ($200.00): Built to carry the hydration and equipment needs of UTMB and other endurance races, this pack is considerably larger than the S-Lab 5 Set pack (12 L volume vs. 5 L volume), and will weigh in about half a pound heavier when empty. The design is very similar to the S-Lab 5 Set pack, with highlights including breathable mesh construction, numerous zippered pockets, and several storage areas. Like the S-Lab 5 Set pack, the S-Lab 12 Set pack is available in two sizes for a custom fit.
  • XA Skin Pro 14 + 3 Set Pack ($135.95): As the 14 + 3 in the name implies, this pack can hold up to 17 L of hydration and equipment. The pack also features zippered expansion for a customized fit based on the amount of gear you’re carrying.
  • XA Skin Pro 10 + 3 Set Pack ($126.95): Carry up to 13 L of hydration and gear in this form-fitting pack. Except for size, the design of this pack is identical to that of the 14 + 3 Set pack.
  • XT Skin Pro 3 Set Pack ($109.95): A compact pack with a focus on hydration and carrying only the essentials, the 3 Set pack gives you a secure and lightweight platform (under 12 oz) to support you during shorter to moderate-length runs. It’s available in bright red and light green (shown above).
  • Nate

    Are you going to carry the Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the question. We’ll have the Fluid Race Vest in late July/early August.

  • Nate

    That’s perfect. Thanks.

  • Stanislav

    I’ve just received the smallest pack – the 3 liter version. I like it overall, but the two front pockets are really tiny. One of them is good for only a pack of Cliff Blocks and the zipped one barely fits Sansa MP3 player. It wouldn’t fit even a small candy bar phone.
    Ideally I’d like a zippered pocket large enough for a smartphone.

  • Matt

    Thank you for the feedback on the Skin Pro 3 Set Pack. We’ll revisit our description to make the size of the front pockets a bit clearer. We hope you enjoy the pack otherwise!

  • Angel

    Is the skin pro 3 custom system compatible? If not, would the 10+3 model be the one to purchase, i like the water bottle pockets on the shoulder straps also, but im not sure if theres anything different as far as size and fit. I’m afraid that the skin pro 10+3 would provide unwanted space space.

  • Matt

    The XT Skin Pro 3 Pack is not compatible with the Custom System. Your best bet is the XA Skin Pro 10+3 Pack. It has the same dimensions as the 3 Pack when not expanded so you shouldn’t have much if any excess space.